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Help Clean up Centennial Park…without leaving your desk

Venice locals have started a petition to rejuvenate Centennial Park.

Originally designed to be a green neighborhood gathering space and sculpture garden, the park dividing North and South Venice Blvd has gone un-used and landscaping has declined.

Centennial Park Venice 1

The petition is to show the Venice Neighborhood Council on April 1, that Centennial Park has the support of locals and deserves to receive a Community Improvement Project award to rejuvenate the landscaping of Centennial Park and surrounding the Venice Library.

Sign the petition here.

Ocean Front Walk Rampage

A pretrial hearing is scheduled for Nathan Louis
Campbell, 38. Campbell is charged with murdering a honeymooning Italian woman, Alice Gruppioni, 32, and injuring more than a dozen others after he drove his car onto the Venice Boardwalk on a busy weekend  in Summer 2013.

Gruppioni’s family is suing  the city and county of Los Angeles saying they failed to provide adequate protection for pedestrians on the crowded Boardwalk.

“The City and County knew that upwards of 15 cars were driving on the Boardwalk every day — that is simply unacceptable from a public safety standpoint,” said Attorney Gregory L. Bentley.

Attorneys for the family state the boardwalk was in a “dangerous condition” when Gruppioni was fatally struck by Campbell’s car. She died later in hospital.

Since the tragedy the council erected plastic bollards and some more permanent signs as a deterrent for other drivers who may drive onto the boardwalk accidentally, or otherwise.

OFW Boardwalk

Tsunami Test Warning Today

As part of Tsunami Preparedness Week, officials plan to conduct a statewide tsunami warning test this morning.

The test ensures coastal communities, including Venice and Marina del Rey, can be successfully alerted of the potentially deadly waves.

The test is scheduled for 10:15am this morning and will be broadcast on radio, television stations, and weather radio networks.

Ken Kondo of the Los Angeles County Office
of Emergency Management said the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the State of California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services are responsible for testing the warning system.

Private Security for Venice – Is it an Option?

Business owners along Washington Blvd met last night at Westside Global Awareness Magnet Elementary School.

While news crews lined Washington and Pacific the media was locked out. Only YoVenice! was able to gain access.

Business owners discussed ideas for future improvements that would benefit not only businesses but residents in the surrounding in the area.

The meeting had been planned weeks before but the timing coincided with the attack on Cows End owner Clabe Hartley.

Hartley, 72, was pulled to the ground by a homeless man, his fingertip bitten off. Hartley said over the years violence has been increasing in the area “I don’t want to confuse people like this, they call themselves travelers, do not confuse them with the truly needy homeless people” he said.

Kelly Ott, an ex stuntman for Chuck Norris, was at Cows End when the altercation went down. He was one of the patrons who rushed to help Hartley. He also agreed with Hartley that Venice has a problem with increasingly violent homeless “There are these radical, aggressive, professional vagrants. That’s how they make their living”

Hartley is interested in exploring the idea of employing private security to help deter violent vagrants from the area “It’s not the problem that the LAPD don’t try to do something about it but a lot of our laws restrict them, handcuff them, from being proactive.”

A spokesperson from United Guard Security said that the goal of a private security contractor is to “work to assist LAPD, not replace them.”

Cows End  2

Saturday Night Grunion Run


The Venice Oceanarium will celebrate tonight’s Grunion Run with a beach party at the Venice Breakwater directly down from Windward Ave. The party will start at 11pm, a peak time to watch the Grunion, a small fish from the Spelt family, spawn.

The California Department of fish and wildlife say most people can’t believe their eyes when they witness their first Grunion Run.

A female fish will surf a wave into the shoreline and dig a nest in the wet sand with her tail, twisting her body until she is half buried with her head sticking up. She then deposits her eggs in the nest and male fish will wiggle around her, fertilizing the eggs.

Spawning only takes 30 seconds but some fish remain stranded on the beach for several minutes as they await a ride out on the next wave.


Grunion spawn for four consecutive nights following the full and new moons and while the season runs from March through August and occasionally February and September, April and May are it’s peak months.

To fish Grunion you will need a license and must be older than 16 to obtain this. You can only use your hands, not dig holes or use buckets and you are limited to taking only what you need.

Grunion Fishing season is closed throughout April and May.

Despite all the fish you may see tonight, the Grunion population is not abundant.