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These posts report on surfing in Venice Beach California. Venice Pier, Dogtown.

Gusty Winds and High Surf Expected Until 2pm Tuesday


A cold front today will bring the Southland strong
winds, and a high surf advisory. While inland there could be snow as low a 3,000 feet, and an elevated danger of fire, National Weather Service forecasters said.

Palm Fronds are a Hazard in Gusty Winds

The winds will blow in a northwest-to-north direction before shifting to the northeast tonight into Tuesday, an NWS statement said, adding the strongest winds would sweep the mountains, the Antelope and Santa Clarita valleys, and parts of Ventura County, generating damaging gusts of 70 miles per hour, and even 80 mph in some mountain areas.

Also expected to experience damaging gusts of between 45 and 60 mph are the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys and the L.A. coastal zone, which includes beach cities, metropolitan Los Angeles, the downtown area and the Hollywood Hills; “This wind event has
the potential to bring numerous downed trees and power lines, especially considering the widespread weakened and diseased trees
due to the drought,” the statement said. Another potential impact includes strong northerly cross winds at LAX.

Wind Windy Venice Beach
Strong winds whip up sand on Venice Beach

A gale warning will be on effect in Southern California’s coastal
waters until 2pm Tuesday. Off the coast, northwest winds of 25 to 35 knots per hour are expected, gusting to 45 or 50 knots per hour.

“Combined seas of 18 to 21 feet…are expected when waves are
largest,” a statement said, urging inexperienced sailors to seek safe harbor before the onset of gale conditions.

The worst seas will be along the Central Coast, but surf of five to
eight feet is expected along west-facing beaches in L.A. and Ventura counties.

“Surf this large will result in dangerous rip currents,” a statement
said. “Inexperienced swimmers and surfers should stay out of the water. Also avoid jetties, rock walls, and cliffs, as large crashing waves can overtop these areas.

Temperatures will be generally higher Tuesday, up to 8 degrees higher, and will climb several degrees more, up to 10, on Wednesday and a few more on Thursday before they start to retreat on Saturday, though they will still be more than 10 degrees higher than today in some communities.

So what does Venice local Venny-Beachy think of the wind?

Heal the Bay Beach Report Card 2014 | Venice Makes Honor Roll

Skimming along, I ran into the headline “Seven of 10 of California’s Most Polluted Beaches Are in Northern California“. Hah take that NorCal. Then I actually READ the article. Heal the Bay released it’s annual report card for California beaches, and here are their “Beach Bummers“:

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 3.29.16 AM

The report doesn’t look too bad though:

California’s overall water quality during the summer dry time period this past year was excellent with 95%
A or B grades, slightly above the five-year average (Figure 1-1). There were 23 monitoring locations that
received fair to poor water quality marks (C-F grades) for the same time period.
During winter dry weather, most California beaches still had very good water quality with 294 of 319 (92%)
locations monitored through the winter receiving A or B grades. Lower grades during the same time period
include: 11 C grades (3%), 4 D grades (1%) and 10 F grades (3%).

And this should come as a proud moment for Venetians:

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 3.34.35 AM

California Honor Roll Beaches
A select few (33) monitoring locations in California exhibited excellent water quality (A+ grades) during all
three time periods in this report and have been appointed to Heal the Bay’s Honor Roll this year. A list of
Honor Roll recipients can be found in Appendix B.