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These posts report on surfing in Venice Beach California. Venice Pier, Dogtown.

Heal the Bay Beach Report Card 2014 | Venice Makes Honor Roll

Skimming along, I ran into the headline “Seven of 10 of California’s Most Polluted Beaches Are in Northern California“. Hah take that NorCal. Then I actually READ the article. Heal the Bay released it’s annual report card for California beaches, and here are their “Beach Bummers“:

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 3.29.16 AM

The report doesn’t look too bad though:

California’s overall water quality during the summer dry time period this past year was excellent with 95%
A or B grades, slightly above the five-year average (Figure 1-1). There were 23 monitoring locations that
received fair to poor water quality marks (C-F grades) for the same time period.
During winter dry weather, most California beaches still had very good water quality with 294 of 319 (92%)
locations monitored through the winter receiving A or B grades. Lower grades during the same time period
include: 11 C grades (3%), 4 D grades (1%) and 10 F grades (3%).

And this should come as a proud moment for Venetians:

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 3.34.35 AM

California Honor Roll Beaches
A select few (33) monitoring locations in California exhibited excellent water quality (A+ grades) during all
three time periods in this report and have been appointed to Heal the Bay’s Honor Roll this year. A list of
Honor Roll recipients can be found in Appendix B.

Surf is up at the Breakwater and Pier!

You couldn’t pay me enough money to get in the ocean after a big rain in Los Angeles, but if swimming in trash and live spores is your thing, the Pier and Venice Breakwater have some very rideable “big” surf right now!

Sean James photo
Picture by Sean James

Surfline is saying it is 5-8 ft head high to 3 ft overhead with occasional 10 ft sets. Check out the Venice Live HD Cam, you can control it!

Venice Breakwater Surf

Have fun and wrap your body in saran wrap if you go out! Stay away from the hepatitis!
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