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Girls Get Ready Springtime Ladies Jam Hits Venice


by Jennifer Eden

Venice is known as a mecca for skateboarders all over the world and has long been regarded as the home of modern day Skateboarding. Hosting some of the largest skate boarding events in the industry, Venice is also home to many legends and pro skateboarders.

Girl Skateboard Venice Beach 1
Ladies take over on Saturday in Venice Beach

The Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks is celebrating gender equality this year, with the first ever Venice Beach Springtime Ladies Skate Jam taking place Saturday, April 30 from noon until 4:00pm.

The event will celebrate women in skateboarding.

The contest itself will consist of individual runs in the snake run and mini bowl. In addition there will be a “Pup Cup” which is an event for very beginners. It will be on flat ground and there is a good chance there will be some ties for first place.

Pros and Legends will be there to sign autographs in the VIP tent and they will also be doing demos in the big bowl. Meeting pros and legends promised to be fun for everyone, not just the skaters!

Sponsor booths will be set up on the walkway into the park creating a festival atmosphere where visitors can browse and shop.

Venice Springtime Ladies AM Jam 2016

Electric Skateboards Illegal?


Yo! skaters, did you have any idea that cruising down the boardwalk on your electric-powered board was totally against the law?

Yep, thanks to clunky 1970’s mechanics – that made gas-powered skateboards so noisy they had to be banned – the electric board you’ve been riding has been making you a total bad-ass law-breaker.

Have no fear though, on Sunday, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 604. Meaning anyone over 13 is free to ride their electric skateboard within bicycle lanes all over California.

There are a couple of things to check first…

1) The law comes into effect on Jan 1, 2016

2) As individual cities can decide if they like the law or not,  the use of electric-powered skateboards may not be legal everywhere.

KCAL 9’s Jeff Nguyen was at the skatepark to tell the full story and show us he totally belongs in Venice Beach…


International Go Skate Day This Sunday

International Go Skate Day10:00am

This Sunday it’s a double whammy, Father’s Day and  International Go Skate Day!

So grab your Dad, or a Dad, and your skateboard and get down to the Skatepark  to celebrate.

The Venice Skatepark will run skate comps all day from 10am-5pm. Plus,  there will be over 20 vendors, family activities, and lots of great skating throughout the day.

Ouch! Flying skateboard hits Aussie news reporter in head at Venice Beach Skate Park

A flying skateboard at the Venice Beach Skate Park struck Australia’s 7 News U.S. Bureau Chief this week while he was speaking to the camera.

The footage captures veteran reporter Mike Amor being struck in the back of the head after a skateboarder loses control at the rink.

“I’m good, I’m good, I’m good,” Amor says immediately after being struck.

Thankfully, no blood was drawn and he was able to compose himself and finish the piece-to-camera before filing his report at the Century City-based news bureau.

He later joked on Twitter: “My professional life now complete: appearances on CNN, NBC Today Show, Inside Edition, TMZ & even Perez Hilton. Ugh”

Here’s the video that Amor posted to his YouTube page that’s been viewed more than 80,000 times.