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These posts are about where to eat and what to eat in Venice Beach California!

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dineLA’s Restaurant Week Starts Today | July 14-27 2014

Thanks to Mosto for reminding us that today is the beginning of the two week long dineLA Restaurant Week, “…14-day dining event showcasing Los Angeles as a premier dining destination, highlighting the diversity of culinary experiences L.A. has to offer. Locals and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy a selection of specially priced prix-fixe lunch and dinner menus from some of L.A.’s best restaurants.” While we get out our calendars and try to do the math on how many days are in a week, here is a list of the participating Venice restaurants and the menus!

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Menotti”s Coffee Stop: Kick-Ass Coffee

Today I stopped in Menotti’s for an espresso with a friend, and was blah blah blahing away, as one does when drinking coffee, oblivious to the fact that Barista/GM Christopher “nicely” Abel Alameda (Espresso Vivace in Seattle, Intelligentsia in Venice, Professional Barista Latte Art Champion 2010, 2011, 2012) was being interviewed by a video crew right behind me. He asked us, in the nicest (sorry) way possible, if we could sit on the bench outside so they could do the interview, AND comped us free coffees. Kick-ass coffee and cool people. image

Officials Consider Safety Measures on Ocean Front Walk


The Los Angeles City Council Transportation Committee is looking for ways to make the Venice boardwalk safer for everyone.

It’s a beach, park, commercial district and tourist attraction with a spirit of its very own. But there have been several incidents that have brought the Venice boardwalk the wrong kind of attention.

An Italian newlywed was killed by a driver who went around a barrier and plowed through the pedestrian area last summer.

There was also the brutal beating of a homeless man that was caught on camera, and the case of a man allegedly threatening people with a chainsaw.

And earlier this month, a crowd refused to disperse, leading to a police confrontation. Continue reading

A Venice Night: Ol’ Bessie, The Van, My girl.

Paul is a musician that lives in Venice. (He has a new record out which will be discussed here soon.) I just saw this on entry on his Facebook page and wanted to share it. The spirit of Venice is alive and well, despite the people that have moved here to commodify it’s good name with their “Venice” products. 

From Paul C.:

Ol’ Bessie, The Van, my girl.

Band Van

I just got her out of the shop. So I took her out tonight. I ran her through her paces. She did good. She did real good.

We went out, just me & her. Up through the Sepulveda Pass to the 101 North. Lilted and lurched through a bit of traffic. Then smooth sailing. I wanted to really test her out. Get her ready for the boys this weekend through to the busier Summer travel months.

So I took her up in to the canyons and hills of Malibu. We were flyin’. She was ridin’ smooth as ever. Like a dream.

Up Kanan Road. Riding like the wind. Continue reading