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These posts are photo highlights of daily Venice Beach California life.

Venice Photo Contest Winners: A Tough Pick


by Melanie Camp

Venice local Adam Moran has taken home the hotly-contested Venice Photo Contest and now has his awesome picture adorning the Snapchat billboard in the General Admission parking lot on the corner of Pacific and Brooks Ave.

The winning photo on the General Admission Billboard on Pacific Ave photo by Matt Smith 1
The winning photo on the General Admission Billboard on Pacific Ave Photo by Matt Smith

Judge and photographer Mike Miller described Moran’s win- ning image as “Timeless and classic. Quintessential Venice Beach.”

Photo Contest WINNER Adam Alverez
Photo Contest Winner Adam Alverez

Miller has snapped everyone from Jack Nicholson to Tupac Shakur but you could argue that judging the winning image for the General Admission and Yo! Venice photo contest may have been his toughest assignment yet.

With 350 entries to sift through Miller said, “I was so impressed with all the entries, I had no idea there was so many great photographers in Venice Beach.”

3rd place winner Randy Baulblis
Photo by 3rd place winner Randy Baulblis

Menotti’s Coffee Stop Barista, Cody Chouinard, and Randy Baulblis were 2nd and 3rd place winners.

2nd place winner Cody Chouinard
The photo 2nd place winner Cody Chouinard took the day after Brendan Glenn was shot and killed by a police officer in front of Menotti’s Coffee Stop

“The photo was taken as I was on my way to work the day after Brendan Glenn was killed by the police in front of Menotti’s,” Chouinard told Yo! Venice. “I was inspired to take the photo because the scene provoked a lot of emotion and thought for me. I instinctively reached for my camera because I knew it could do the same for others.”

Chouinard said that winning second place is“an honor coming from the guys over at GA. They’re a great group of guys and I’m a big fan of what they do.”

The contest will be back again next year. In the meantime, for inspiration, feast your eyes on the winning picture, runners up, and a couple of shots that deserved honorable mention…

Honorable Mention photo by Rasmus Jensen
Photo by Rasmus Jensen
Honorable Mention photo by Aero Deisgn
Photo by Aero Design



Honorable Mention photo by Jack Simon
Photo by Jack Simon


Honorable Mention photo by Tony Accosta
Photo by Tony Accosta

Big Waves Rolling On In – VIDEO


As rescue teams  will risk rough seas today as they continue to search for a man believed to have fallen in the water off the Santa Monica Pier early yesterday morning.

The National Weather Service warns high surf will strike the Southland’s coastline today, threatening swimmers, and surfers. Surf between 5 and 9 feet is expected as a result of an increasing
northwest swell, according to the NWS statement.

“There is an increased risk for ocean drowning,” says the NWS, “rip
currents can pull swimmers and surfers out to sea. Sneaker waves can suddenly wash people off of Beaches and rock jetties.”

Anyone caught in a rip current should not panic and remember to swim parallel to shore until you are able to break free.

The High surf advisory will be in force until 5 p.m. in Los Angeles
County, including Santa Catalina island.

A small craft advisory will be in effect until 11 a.m. Wednesday in some areas off the coast because of rough seas.

Venice Photo Contest


Get Your Photograph on a Billboard in Venice

General Admission and Yo! Venice are on the search for an image that sums up Venice in one shot. When we have it we are going to use it to takeover that Snapchat billboard in the General Admission parking lot on the corner of Pacific and Brooks Ave.

Iconic photographer Mike Miller will be judging the competition. Miller has shot everyone from Jack Nicholson to Tupac Shakur.

First prize will receive the billboard on Pacific Ave., plus a pack from
General Admission. Second prize will receive a $250 General Admission shopping voucher, and third prize is a $100 General Admission shopping voucher.

So start clicking, get your pics up on Instagram, and tag #52Brooks or email your picture to:

Photo Contest 1

Remember, pictures must be good enough quality to be blown up on a billboard. Also, you can only enter once so make sure you pick your best!

Full competition details online at:

General Admission Photography Contest

Catching Air for Leap Day

Pictures Courtesy:  Steve Christensen Photo


The National Weather Service issued a high surf warning for the weekend and a bunch of locals, including actor Yves Bright and award winning director Ace Norton, made the most of the swells.

Photographer Steve Christensen was out by the Pier catching the action.

SteveChristensenPhoto Ace Norton Feb 2016 6
Venice local Ace Norton rides a wave
SteveChristensenPhoto YvesBright Venice Feb 2016 5
Yves Bright surfing the high swells at Venice Beach

SteveChristensenPhoto Venice Feb 2016 4 SteveChristensenPhoto Venice Feb 2016 3

What Happened to El Niño?


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a report on February 11 saying they predict El Niño on the way out. NOAA said, while still above average, sea temperatures are beginning to drop and by Fall we could even experience a La Niña weather pattern.

However, El Niño is still to blame for the baking heatwave we have blasting across Los Angeles. The reason being, because such a large body of the Pacific Ocean has heated up due to El Niño, storms have been pushed farther north than Scientists expected. The result, LA has been battered by only a few of the El Niño storms, and now a giant high pressure ridge is driving record temperatures in Southern California.

It is not just the temperature, tempers have also been running high at Venice beach with surfers fighting for a ride. One Yo! Venice source even witnessing blows being taken out on the crowded waves. A recent combination of warm, sunny days, and high surf meant there simply wasn’t enough room for everyone to catch a break.

As SoCal continues to experience record high temperatures for this time of year, don’t expect tempers to cool anytime soon out in the surf.

As surfers crammed on waves, Steve Christensen, one of Yo! Venice’s favorite local photographers caught some of the mayhem on camera.

See more at: Steve Christensen Photo

Follow Christensen on Instagram: @venicefromaniphone


Steve Christensen Photo Crowded Surf 1
The Heatwave brings some heat out onto the waves at Venice Beach

Steve Christensen Photo Crowded Surf 4 Steve Christensen Photo Crowded Surf 3 Steve Christensen Photo Crowded Surf 2