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Harrison Ford Released from Hospital

It has been 25 days since Harrison Ford crash landed his plane on a golf course in Santa Monica and according to reports, the actor was seen leaving UCLA Medical Center on Saturday.

Hospitalized after the plane he was piloting crash landed onto the golf course on Rose Ave in Santa Monica on March 5, Ford, 72, sustained serious injuries.

While Eyewitness Elaine Miller told ABC’s KABC Ford sustained a significant head wound, his publicist described his injuries as “non-life threatening”.

On the day of the crash Ford’s son Ben tweeted “Dad is ok. Battered, but ok! He is every bit the man you would think he is. He is an incredibly strong man”

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Breaking News: Hit and Run on Speedway

Police have now taken into custody the man wanted in connection to 3 incidences of hit and run that happened this morning at around 10:30am on Speedway in Venice.

The first victim, Eddie Fragoso, 24, was riding to the beach with friends, he was crossing the intersection at Speedway and Washington when the Honda clipped the back tire of his bike.

Witnesses dining at Mercedes on Washington said the driver of  a red Honda CR-V “did not even hit the breaks he just sped on off up Speedway.”

When Fragoso and his friends realized the driver was not stopping they gave chase.

“We saw him driving towards another bike rider and we called for the rider to look out, he pulled to the side of Speedway and the car veered towards him. It looked like the driver meant to hit the guy” Fragoso said.

The second victim a man in his 20s was knocked to the ground at Speedway and 27th, his side cut open and bike left mangled on the road.

Hit and Run on Speedway 2 Hit and Run on Speedway 4

The driver of the Honda continued on up Speedway hitting and running over third victim around 25th.

Both the second and third victims have both been taken to Emergency.

Fragoso escaped with a few scratches.

Hit and Run on Speedway 3

Young Woman Assaulted Outside Townhouse on Windward Ave

2 black males in their mid to late 20s are wanted by Police after officers responded to a 911 call at 9pm Thursday night. The caller saying an assault with a deadly weapon was in progress in Venice.

Brooklyn Smith, 16, and her boyfriend were attacked in the street on Windward Avenue at Speedway. Smith beaten over the head with a skateboard.

Smith says that while walking back to her car from the skatepark with her boyfriend, she was recognized from an incident that happened the month before.

In videos circulating on social media  an angry mob is seen rushing at Smith, yelling ” Go home!”

A witness can be heard on the video saying ” She just cracked her head open” as one of her attackers appears to king hit while she lies helpless and screaming on the ground.

After the attack Smith was rushed to hospital in a serious condition, her jaw was broken and skull cracked. She is now recovering from surgery.

There is an open investigation “We are still trying to determine whether or not the attacks are gang related” LAPD said.

Ocean Front Walk Rampage

A pretrial hearing is scheduled for Nathan Louis
Campbell, 38. Campbell is charged with murdering a honeymooning Italian woman, Alice Gruppioni, 32, and injuring more than a dozen others after he drove his car onto the Venice Boardwalk on a busy weekend  in Summer 2013.

Gruppioni’s family is suing  the city and county of Los Angeles saying they failed to provide adequate protection for pedestrians on the crowded Boardwalk.

“The City and County knew that upwards of 15 cars were driving on the Boardwalk every day — that is simply unacceptable from a public safety standpoint,” said Attorney Gregory L. Bentley.

Attorneys for the family state the boardwalk was in a “dangerous condition” when Gruppioni was fatally struck by Campbell’s car. She died later in hospital.

Since the tragedy the council erected plastic bollards and some more permanent signs as a deterrent for other drivers who may drive onto the boardwalk accidentally, or otherwise.

OFW Boardwalk

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