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These posts are about what’s happening in Venice Beach California!

Speakeasy at Townhouse to Benefit Venice Arts

Venice Arts is calling all bootleggers, flappers, and general supporters of the arts to a Roaring Twenties fundraiser tonight at Townhouse.

The Del Monte, Venice’s own original Prohibition-Era Speakeasy, beneath the Townhouse at 52 Windward Ave., Venice, CA

The event is a fundraiser for local charity Venice Arts. Venice Arts  has been helping mentor creativity, and expand a sense of possibility for youth from low-income families for nearly 20 years through media–based arts education programs. Their programs serve as a catalyst for people of all ages living in low–income or underrepresented communities.

At tonight’s event will be appetizers from local restaurants, a cash bar, music by DJ Jacques and to help fundraise for a Silent Auction featuring photos by Venice Arts’ students as well as a raffle.

Tickets are $30 online or $40 at the door.


Collectors Talk Tomorrow at SPARC

Tomorrow the Durón Gallery at SPARC presents a ‘Collectors Talk’.
Using the current exhibition, “A Short Essay of Chicano Photography” as a backdrop, members of the Durón Family will discuss the process of collecting and their individual perspectives.

The Durón Family Collection consists of hundreds of works, together with an extensive library of books, catalogs and ephemera collected over 30 years. Armando Durón has spoken and written widely as a knowledgeable collector on Chicano art of Los Angeles.

The gallery is at 685 Venice Blvd., Venice inside the old Venice Police Station, SAPRC’s historic headquarters since 1977.

The event will run from 3pm-5pm.

Free Yo! Venice launch party tonight at Gallery at 480 Washington Blvd.

Plans tonight? Come celebrate the launch of Yo! Venice printing a biweekly newspaper that began April 3.

The party, which is free and open to the public, will be held today, April 23  from 6-9 pm at the gallery at 480 Washington Blvd.

It is being catered by Whole Foods with Honest Abe Cider and various wine samplings on offer.

Venice Symphony Orchestra is scheduled to perform two sets.

No RSVP required, just come on in and meet the team!

Happy 420 Day!


This day  sometimes feels like Venice’s own 4th of July and if you think the waft of smoke couldn’t get any thicker on the boardwalk then you haven’t seen a 420 day Venice-style.

There’s speculation as to where the term 420, in reference to marijuana came from, the most common theory being, 420 was police code for “pot smoking in progress”. Apparently a stoner overheard some cops saying it somewhere near San Rafael, California in the late ’70s and the term stuck.

Since the ’70s, however, the potency of pot, according to the University of Mississippi’s Potency Monitoring Project, has increased by quite a lot.

In 1978 the average level of THC – marijuanas main psychoactive ingredient – was 1.37 percent. In 2008, it was 8.49 percent.

In 2003 SB 420, commonly referred to as the Medical Marijuana Program Act, was passed and not even the author of the bill remembers the parties responsible for naming it!

While many agree there are benefits to the medicinal use of  cannabis there are concerns for the recreational abuse of the drug.

Do you love it of hate it?  Hit up the forum to discuss.

…oh, and did you know all the clocks in the movie “Pulp Fiction,” are set to 4:20?



Linkin Park Guitarist in Venice for Charity Event

Linkin Park guitarist Brad Delson visited Venice Thursday night to help launch a new ocean initiative for the band’s foundation – Music for Relief.

Music For Relief 1

At the launch, held at the Mobli Beach House on Ocean Front Walk, Music For Relief announced a partnership with WiLDCOAST to protect and conserve 61 miles of mangroves in Magdalena Bay, in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

A native Los Angeleno, Delson spoke of having come to Venice since he was a kid, “It’s an amazingly dynamic, creative place…it’s a really, really special place. The whole coastline is a blessing for us here in Los Angeles.”

Music For Relief 2

WiLDCOAST Executive Director Serge Dedina said the organization “…is super excited to work with Music for Relief and a group like Linkin Park. It’s all about making a difference and conserving some of the world’s most important oceanic resources. Mangroves are like the lungs of the ocean. People forget that this ocean, this beach is connected to an ocean that’s a giant wilderness. The grey whales that are passing here right now are born in Magdalena Bay where we’re preserving the mangroves, they’re actually born around those mangroves. So, this ocean connects people here in California and all of us to the places that we’re protecting through Music for Relief.”

Whitney Showler, Head of Music For Relief said: “This is an exciting night for us because it’s the first time we’re doing an ocean program. The environmental work we typically do is aimed at disaster risk mitigation, we plant trees in wildfire burned areas or we plant trees in an area where there is a potential for a mudslide and we’ve wanted to do something tho help protect the ocean.”

Following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, research demonstrated that where mangrove forests were intact, they served as natural breakwaters, dissipating the energy of the waves, mitigating damage and saving lives.

“It’s a way for the entire music industry to come together after natural disasters and raise money and support people who are effected by these events,” said Delson. “We’re really grateful that our music has given us a platform to affect positive change when we have the help of amazing people like some of the folks here tonight. It’s certainly one of the ongoing objectives of Music for Relief to be a voice and an extension of the music industry as a whole. So when other artists join us, when other people in the music industry join us, when fans online get involved in causes, that’s when we see the greatest impact of our efforts.”

Music For Relief  is a non-profit organization that has raised over 6 million dollars to provide aid to survivors of natural disasters as well as the prevention of such disasters.

Local Venice band The King’s English performed at the launch.

The King's English 5 The King's English 4Featured image: Linkin Park band member Brad Delson, Head of Music For Relief Whitney Showler, and WiLDCOAST Executive Director Serge Dedina.