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These posts are about what’s happening in Venice Beach California!

Saturday Night Grunion Run


The Venice Oceanarium will celebrate tonight’s Grunion Run with a beach party at the Venice Breakwater directly down from Windward Ave. The party will start at 11pm, a peak time to watch the Grunion, a small fish from the Spelt family, spawn.

The California Department of fish and wildlife say most people can’t believe their eyes when they witness their first Grunion Run.

A female fish will surf a wave into the shoreline and dig a nest in the wet sand with her tail, twisting her body until she is half buried with her head sticking up. She then deposits her eggs in the nest and male fish will wiggle around her, fertilizing the eggs.

Spawning only takes 30 seconds but some fish remain stranded on the beach for several minutes as they await a ride out on the next wave.


Grunion spawn for four consecutive nights following the full and new moons and while the season runs from March through August and occasionally February and September, April and May are it’s peak months.

To fish Grunion you will need a license and must be older than 16 to obtain this. You can only use your hands, not dig holes or use buckets and you are limited to taking only what you need.

Grunion Fishing season is closed throughout April and May.

Despite all the fish you may see tonight, the Grunion population is not abundant.

Silicon Beach Guides Venice Art Crawl


The Venice art community took over last night and a special addition of the Venice Boardwalk App played guide to the Venice Art Crawl.

Tina had trekked all the way from the valley to the event “It was worth the trip, it’s fun!” she said. She and her friend had downloaded the app and were following the map off her iPhone to the next exhibition.

Westminster was closed at Abbot Kinney for a street party and the revelry got loud thanks to a drum circle and live music.  Actors from iO West, Second City and Groundlings performed improv at the Canal Club and businesses along Abbot Kinney, turned pop-up art galleries, hosted a constant stream of ‘crawlers.

Built by locals, Evan White and Mason Lee,
after a Venice Neighborhood Council meeting with Tom Elliot (of the
Venice Ale House and Bank of Venice), the Venice Boardwalk App is now back to displaying its regular Venice attractions and special deals, including 10% off at Green Goddess. Hey, what would a Venice app be without a Kush discount!

Before you think it’s something just for tourists there are special deals locals won’t want to miss. South End at Abbot Kinney and Washington are offering 14% off and a free bottle of wine for groups of 5 or more, Venice Ale House has $5 beer specials and Menotti’s Coffee Stop at Windward Circle has a limited number of free drinks to give away.

Venice Boardwalk App

Get the free app for your iPhone or Android

Or text the word VENICE to 444-999.

…and then get to Menotti’s for that coffee before the deal runs out.

Tonight Take To The Streets For the Venice Art Crawl

Update March 19, 2015  1:19pm Photo credit:

Tonight art and community unite during the Venice Art Crawl. A quarterly event  were artists and local businesses get together in a series of pop-up galleries around Venice.

Venice has a rich art history, even Basquiat lived here for a time in the 80’s. Today a melange of starving artists and creative professionals are drawn to Venice inspired by this creative history and driven to contribute to an artistic future.

The Venice Art Crawl is a mix of emerging and established artists whose art will be on display in restaurants, residences and stores around Venice. The event began 5 years ago and Edizen Stowell, one of the original founders and now committee member, sums it up by saying “It’s a great way to get out and meet the Venice art community”

A street party will be closing down Westminster at Abbot Kinney from 6pm-10pm. There will be performance art, music, live painting and dance and the event culminates with the Aftercrawl Party at Half a Dozen Roses at 4 Rose Ave.

All venues are open to the public so plan a route or simply follow the crowd and enjoy a night out in the neighborhood.

As the saying goes, without art the earth is just eh.

Go to: for more.

Click on and print out the map below…

VACMap031915_Final_lr-page-001 VACMap031915_Final_lr-page-002



Have Your Voice Heard On New Restaurants, Liquor Stores & Bars in Venice: Tonight

My Voice Matters is a free workshop for Venice residents on how to protest license applications, how to report problem alcohol businesses, and more.

The event was created in direct response to Venetians’ concerns that several new alcohol licenses up for consideration — many of which would operate a mere few feet from people’s homes — will severely compromise quality of life in their neighborhoods.

Venice has 3-4 times the allowable limit on alcohol outlets already and it grows every month, according to event organizers.

Tricia Keane, Planning Director for Councilmember Mike Bonin, will be on-hand to discuss alcohol license and alcohol-related problems in Venice.

Other topics will include:

• How to protest licenses at a state and local level
• How to limit alcohol outlet over-concentration
• How to request conditions be placed on alcohol businesses’ operations
• How to encourage the enforcement of alcohol outlets’ conditions
• How to hold problem outlets accountable for bad business practices

My Voice Matters will be facilitated by the Institute for Public Strategies, a non-profit organization that has been providing alcohol and other drug environmental prevention services to communities throughout Southern California and the nation for over 23 years. Claudia Martin, who has served as the Neighborhood Prosecutor for the Pacific Division for 9 years, will also attend to answer residents’ questions.

My Voice Matters will be held today, Wednesday, March 11 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Oakwood Recreation Center, 767 California Avenue, Venice


Venice Community Housing Breaks Ground On New Project

Venice Community Housing (VCH), and Hollywood Community Housing Corporation (HCHC) are breaking ground on their first joint venture, Gateway Apartments, a new permanent supportive housing development.

“ This project combines HCHC’s 25 year record of developing award-winning affordable housing with VCH’s history of providing housing and services to low income people on the west side of Los Angeles,” said Bill Harris, Executive Director of HCHC.

“We are delighted to be working with HCHC on a new building with 20 units available for the area’s most vulnerable homeless individuals” said Steve Clare, VCH Executive Director, “and we are proud to be partnering with St Joseph Center, a leading social service provider in our community to provide wrap- around supportive services to all of our tenants at Gateway Apartments.”

A Groundbreaking ceremony was held Thursday, March 5th at the 13368 Beach Avenue site.

Speaking at the ceremony was Los Angeles Councilmember Mike Bonin, and representatives from the Community Development Commission of LA County, the Department of Health Services of LA County, the City’s Housing and Community Investment Department, and St. Joseph Center.

Design of this beautiful new residence is by award-winning architecture firm Brooks + Scarpa Architecture, which has created a wonderful contemporary building that will meet the needs of the residents. The architecture incorporates a green approach which will result in a LEED certification.


Materials were chosen for durability, sustainability and low environmental impact. The property will be built by Dreyfuss Construction, an experienced local contractor.

The site for the new housing is within easy walking distance of employment opportunities and services, and close to transit.

Funding for the project was provided by the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee and the National Equity Fund, the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission, the Housing and Community Investment Department of the City of Los Angeles, with a subsidy by the Los Angeles

County Department of Health Services. Construction lending is provided by Chase.