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Trying a New Look at Yo!

We’re trying out some new things with Yo! This new look should be faster, more readable, and keep some featured stuff up at the top for a few days, so we have the option of keeping cool stuff on the front page a bit longer. The forum seems more readable with this font as well. We didn’t pull any permits, we didn’t take it before any commissions or committees, we didn’t ask permission. But let us know what you think, we’re still tinkering and working out the kinks.


Venice Stakeholders Association: Unequal Enforcement of Park Ordinances

The Venice Stakeholders Association released yesterday a letter to City officials, prepared by their attorney John Henning, and identifying what they call unequal enforcement of park ordinances throughout the city. The Association contrasts the condition of City Hall Park with that of the Venice Beach Recreation Area, which they say is marked by “skid row conditions”.  From their press release:

“LA’s politicians are enforcing every park law to keep City Hall Park and the LAPD’s park safe and attractive,” VSA president Mark Ryavec said, “but along Venice Boardwalk, the Department of Recreation and Parks and the LAPD allow campers to violate all the city laws against storing personal property on park land and the use of banned camping equipment.” The result is that squatters have taken over the park from residents and visitors, many of whom do not feel safe using the park, the neighborhood leader said.

You can read the full letter: garcetti7-08-14 And the press release: VSA – Press Release re Unequal Park Law Enforcement at Venice Beach Recreation Area July 8_ 2014.

Timbuk2 is Coming to Venice

Timbuk2, a pioneer in messenger bags and urban gear, is opening a spot at 1410 Abbot Kinney. As a personal note, I have 2 of their bags, one of which I got over 10 years ago, and the other about 5 years old. Both are still going strong (and dry) after daily use in the rain forest / ocean environment of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast over the last 7 years. There’s the unpaid personal endorsement for you, here’s what their PR sent us:

Timbuk2’s new 680 sq. ft. store is located at 1410 Abbot Kinney Blvd. in the sunny Venice Beach neighborhood known for its vibrant, eclectic mix of independent boutiques and trendy restaurants. Timbuk2 has partnered with award-winning architecture and design firm Gensler and LA-based architects Dax Studio to bring the Gensler designed community-oriented vision to life.

The shop will showcase Timbuk2’s entire product line of more than 100 styles of bags and accessories, including an interactive custom workshop where customers can design a one-of-a-kind messenger bag, backpack, shoulder bag, tote or accessory made to order in their San Francisco factory. Timbuk2 Venice Beach will also launch its own in-store bike share program in August.