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The region’s heat wave will keep temperatures abnormally high today, though a little lower than Tuesday, when several heat records were set.

Offshore Santa Ana winds will persist but not blow as fiercely as
earlier this week, according to forecasters, who said more highs are expected in the high 80s and low 90s today. The heat, accompanied by wind and by low humidity, will keep the danger of wildfire elevated, but no red flag warnings are in effect.

On Tuesday, the downtown L.A. high of 89 broke the previous record for a February 9, of 85 which was set in 2006. The 88-degree high at LAX broke the date’s previous record of 85 set in 2006, according to the National Weather Service.

Records were also set at UCLA, where the temperature reached 90,
breaking the previous record of 85 set in 2006; Long Beach, where the high was 92, breaking the previous record of 86 set in 1991; and the northwest Los Angeles County community of Sandberg where the high of 68 broke the previous record of 67 set in 1951.

Temperatures will remain above normal into the weekend but ease today as offshore flow diminishes. The NWS forecast sunny skies today and highs of 67 in Avalon: 73 in Palmdale; 75 in Lancaster; 76 on Mount Wilson; 77 in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and San Clemente; 83 in Saugus; 84 in Irvine; 86 in Anaheim; 87 in
Fullerton; 85 at LAX; 87 in Long Beach; 88 in downtown L.A., Woodland Hills and Mission Viejo; 89 in Burbank; 90 in Pasadena; and 91 in Yorba Linda and San Gabriel.

Thursday’s temperatures will be marginally higher in the Antelope
Valley but a little lower everywhere else. Still, temperatures will be above normal for several more days.

– from CNS

Venice Yoga Goers Hot Targets For Early Morning Crime


LAPD Pacific Division has been patrolling Abbot Kinney Blvd., and nearby streets in unmarked cars, cracking down on a recent spate of home and car break-ins that have occurred in the area.

LAPD Pacific Division PCU
LAPD Pacific PCU; (L to R) David Navas, TK Kim, “The” Scotty Stevens, Mauricio Vargas, Manny Perez, Isidro Mendoza, & Robert Espinoza (Not pictured)

Sgt Scotty Stevens of LAPD Pacific said that people heading to early morning yoga and spin classes have been the main targets, with burglars waiting until classes have started before they begin breaking into parked cars.

Burglers Target Early Morning Fitness Crowd on Abbot Kinney 3
Burglars are targeting the early morning workout crowd on Abbot Kinney

“Car burglaries are a problem in the area, not just on Abbott Kinney, but the trend has been at gyms and yoga studios very early in the morning. After people begin to arrive, burglars will walk the parking area and check for un-locked doors. If none are found, they will look for cars with valuables that are visible. They shatter the window and grab whatever they can. Takes only a few seconds,” Stevens said.

The unmarked patrols have meant to officers have had more chance catching criminals in the act, however, Stevens added that there are precautions that can be taken to help prevent these crimes alto- gether.

“Do not leave anything valuable in your car. If you must, put it in the trunk. Also, lock your car. You would be amazed at the number of thefts that occur from unlocked cars,” Stevens said.

Stay Safe for Super Bowl Weekend


Authorities in Los Angeles and Orange counties today
reminded Southlanders that law enforcement officers will be on the lookout for people driving drunk on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Traffic Services Detail
will deploy additional officers on special DUI saturation patrols to stop and arrest drivers showing signs of alcohol or drug impairment during and following the game.

“Drunk driving is completely preventable,” said Los Angeles County
sheriff’s Capt. Scott Johnson. “All it takes is a little planning. We want fans to remember that it’s a choice, drink or drive, but never do both and please remember, if your decision is to drink, drink responsibly under any circumstance and designate a sober driver.”

In Orange County, the sheriff’s department’s will deploy roving DUI
saturation patrols throughout the weekend. “This is a ‘zero tolerance’ crackdown, so drive sober or get pulled over,” said Orange County sheriff’s  Deputy Manuel Cruz.

From 7 p.m. today through 3 a.m. Saturday, DUI saturation patrols will be deployed in Laguna Woods, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills and Aliso Viejo.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s ‘Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk’ campaign encourages people to make plans ahead of time that will prevent them from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking.

The California Office of Traffic Safety ‘Designated Driver VIP’ mobile app is now available for free download on iOS and Android devices.

Launched last year, the app offers various features, including allowing designated drivers to “Map a Spot” with their current location to find DDVIP partnering establishments in their area, or a “List of Spots” to search all participating bars and restaurants throughout the state.

People using the app will be offered free incentives at each bar “to
celebrate their life-saving role,” officials said. Also through the app, for those who want to drink but also make it a point to plan ahead, users can easily order a sober ride from Uber, Lyft, or Curb, all from one screen.

Operations such as these are funded through grants from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Woohoo! High Surf Advisory

Photo Courtesy: Steve Christensen Photo


Surf’s up!

A high surf advisory is in effect until Saturday morning. A long period west-northwest swell which originated across the central Pacific Ocean is expected to bring high surf to portions of southwestern California.

A beach hazards statement remains in effect through Friday evening. Dangerous rip currents and waves are expected due to elevated surf. Waves 4 to 6-feet with local sets to 8-feet on west  facing beaches are expected.

Remember if caught in a rip current swim parallel to shore until you are free of the powerful current. Caution should be used when in or near the water. Always swim near a lifeguard and and never swim alone.

Kuehl Calls Out Coastal Commission


Unhappy with recent decisions by the California Coastal Commission to limit public access at Broad Beach and sign off on a five- house compound proposed by U2 guitarist David ‘The Edge’ Evans, Supervisor Sheila Kuehl has added her voice to those accusing some commissioners of “drifting” from a commitment to uphold their mandate.

The Coastal Commission is considering dismissing Executive Director Charles Lester and has scheduled a public hearing on the matter for Feb. 10 in Morro Bay.

Calling Lester a “strong environmental steward,” Kuehl questioned the motives of the commissioners. “This move is widely seen by those concerned with protecting California’s coastline as part of a larger attempt on the part of some members of the commission to weaken enforcement of the Coastal Act,”  Kuehl said in a motion for the Board of Supervisors. Saying the commission had increasingly allowed development out of conformance with its mandate, Kuehl urged her colleagues to send a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown, state legislative leaders and each Coastal Commissioner asking them to retain Lester and to “recommit themselves to protecting California’s coastline and beaches for the public.”

The Coastal Commission is governed by 12 voting and three non-voting members, each appointed by either the governor, the speaker of the Assembly or the Senate Rules Committee.

Commissioner Chair Steve Kinsey, in comments to the The Point Reyes Light, said the move followed a performance review in December and was not motivated by development issues.

“There is understandable fear that this is being driven by developers wanting to undermine the Coastal Act, but the reality is more complicated,” Kinsey told the coastal community newspaper.

Several commissioners have complained about Lester’s leadership, citing projects that have been unnecessarily delayed and poor management, Capitol Weekly reported. A spokeswoman for the Coastal Commission said that as of today, roughly 14,000 pieces of correspondence had been received on the matter and two of them called for Lester’s dismissal.

– from CNS