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Venice Arts

Venice Arts celebrates 21 years of transforming young lives with anniversary gala

Venice Arts will celebrate 21 years of transforming young lives through its award-winning art mentoring and education programs for low-income youth with a celebratory gala this Saturday, Nov. 1.

The event honors community angels Tiffany Rochelle and Paul Hibler, both long-time supporters of Venice Arts and the Venice community, as well as dedicated artist-mentors Michael Cersosimo and Michael Jasorka.

For the past 21 years, Venice Arts’ program of free media arts instruction, mentoring, and internship opportunities has opened windows of possibility for thousands of poor and low-income children.

This year alone, students have received 25 prestigious national, state, and local awards, including: Presidential Scholar in the Arts; YoungArts Awards; California Scholastic Arts Awards; and the Music Center’s Spotlight Award. Graduating seniors this past spring went off to colleges including Boston University and NYU, some on full scholarships.

Describing the impact of his four-year involvement with Venice Arts on his life, current student Rickie Bautistia, age 18, said “When I started at Venice Arts … it took time for me to get out of my shell. I’ve changed … I can speak to people now. I can allow myself to take photos. Going to Venice Arts helped me to form a family that … can help me with any problems that I have. I’m really thankful for having this family.” Rickie is just one of the thousands of low-income young people whose lives have been transformed through their involvement with Venice Arts over its 21-year history.

In addition to its primary youth programs, Venice Arts also serves as a vibrant arts center and gallery connecting audiences of all ages with contemporary documentary photography and film. The organization expands the impacts of its work beyond the local area by consulting and training foundations and NGOs in participant-media, storytelling for impact, and artist and curriculum development, nationally and internationally.

To celebrate 21 years of exposing underserved young people to new opportunities, developing their creativity, and transforming their lives, Venice Arts will host its 21st Anniversary Gala on November 1, 2014, 5–8pm.

The fun and festive evening will include delicious food from the best local restaurants, exclusive wine from Kitá Wines and Sapere Aude Sparkling, beer from Lagunitas, and spirits from FAIR Vodka and Revel Spirits; a silent auction of work by renowned photographers and Venice Arts’ talented students, as well as numerous enticing items and services from local businesses; music by Santa Monica High School Jazz Combo; and fabulous raffle prizes.

Guests will be able to have their portrait taken and caricature drawn by Venice Arts photography and comics students, and can go home with one of four custom t-shirts featuring Venice Arts students’ photography, live screenprinted by Junk Food Clothing Co.

This is a great opportunity for collectors and art enthusiasts to purchase a beautiful piece of original artwork, or goods and services generously donated by local businesses, while supporting a local nonprofit organization.

Information on tickets and sponsorships can be found at

Venice Art Crawl

Venice Art Crawl mixer at Danny’s this Thursday evening

A Venice Art Crawl mixer will be held this Thursday, Oct. 16 from 6 pm to 9 pm at Danny’s, 23 Windward Avenue.

The community is invited to attend to mingle, network, and meet like-minded people that are passionate about art, Venice, and the local community.

Whether you’re an artist wanting to get involved in future art crawls, a local business owner offering wall space for artists to showcase or interested in volunteering, come join the mixer.

The Venice Art Crawl is by and for the people. Its goal is to strengthen communication and collaboration within the Venice community through quarterly art events and fundraisers.

Its ultimate aim is to foster and reinvigorate the creativity that has historically made Venice such a vibrant and dynamic community.

For more information, visit

A photo from Sunny Bak's exhibition. Courtesy of the artist.

Funding call to help Venice Art Crawl artists

Venice based celebrity photographer Sunny Bak is looking for angel donors to bring Venice Art Crawl artists on tour with her for “Beastie Bak and the VAC”.

Included in this rare Beastie Boys exhibit are artists Isabel Alford Lago, Bill Dambrova, Todd Goodman, Bobbi Bennett, Mark Saterlee, Constance Brantley, Lindsey Nobel, F CK and Cey Adams, all who have shown at the Venice Art Crawl.

Currently Ms. Bak is president of the Venice Art Crawl, a Venice Chamber of Commerce-hosted event that shows in pop up galleries in Venice four times a year.

VAC’s goal is to foster and reinvigorate the creativity that has historically made Venice such a vibrant and dynamic community.

It is with this spirit that Sunny has included the nine VAC artists for this special Beastie Boys exhibit.

The VAC in just four short years has brought art back to Venice and created a community of artists and art lovers. Bak discovered Todd Goodman on the Venice boardwalk.

Historically Venice has been a long time haven for artists but in the last 15 years the gentrification of this once home to Jim Morrison and Dogtown Z boys has driven the artists away, Bak said.

“There is more art to see in Venice than the boardwalk,” she added.

“Beastie Bak and the VAC” will go to Miami, Washington DC and London if funded by the Kickstarter campaign that has already garnered support by Beastie fans across the world.

To add your support check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

The exhibition at Studio 18 runs until October 16 and then to  Miami, Washington DC and London if funded by the campaign.

Team Gallery

Venice Beach Welcomes Team Bungalow

The arts scene in Venice Beach just became a little more crowded, as Team Gallery has opened up shop at 306 Winward Ave. and reportedly named its space “Team Bungalow.”

No formal announcement was ever made by the contemporary art gallery, other than simply adding Team Bungalow’s address and phone number on its website.

True to its name, the new art gallery will, according to Gallerist NY, primarily occupy a bungalow and some garage space.

Team Bungalow now makes Team Gallery a bi-coastal venture. Team Gallery – or “team (gallery, inc.)” as it is written on its website – was exclusively a New York establishment prior to its foray into Venice Beach. It has two addresses in Lower Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood – 83 Grand and 47 Wooster.

Founded by Jose Freire and Lisa Ruyter in 1996, Team Gallery was originally founded in a basement in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood before reportedly moving to SoHo in 2006. The gallery opened a second space in SoHo in 2011.

Several notable artists have been represented by Team Gallery, including Cory Arcangel, Suzanne McClelland, Andreas Schulze, and Banks Violette, among others.

Interestingly enough, despite its New York roots Team Gallery’s debut exhibition 18 years ago reportedly featured the solo show of California-based David Ratcliffe.

Over here in Venice Beach, Arcangel will be the first artist featured at Team Bungalow. His works will be on display from Sept. 14 to Nov. 9 in an exhibition entitled “tl;dr.”

(Note: “tl;dr” is short for “too long; didn’t read” as is a phrase generally used in the social media space.)

After Arcangel’s exhibition, Team Bungalow will finish off 2014 with the works of Margaret Lee. Her exhibition will run from Nov. 16 to Jan. 25, 2015.

Earlier this year, the Team Gallery folks were in Los Angeles hosting a three-day art fair at Paramount Studios. Entitled “Paris Photo Los Angeles,” the art fair featured the works of Arcangel, Alex Bag, Pierre Bismuth, Carina Brandes, Ryan McGinley, and Sam Samore.

The website for both Team Gallery and Team Bungalow is at

Team Bungalow’s phone number is (310) 339-1945.