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Team Gallery

Venice Beach Welcomes Team Bungalow

The arts scene in Venice Beach just became a little more crowded, as Team Gallery has opened up shop at 306 Winward Ave. and reportedly named its space “Team Bungalow.”

No formal announcement was ever made by the contemporary art gallery, other than simply adding Team Bungalow’s address and phone number on its website.

True to its name, the new art gallery will, according to Gallerist NY, primarily occupy a bungalow and some garage space.

Team Bungalow now makes Team Gallery a bi-coastal venture. Team Gallery – or “team (gallery, inc.)” as it is written on its website – was exclusively a New York establishment prior to its foray into Venice Beach. It has two addresses in Lower Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood – 83 Grand and 47 Wooster.

Founded by Jose Freire and Lisa Ruyter in 1996, Team Gallery was originally founded in a basement in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood before reportedly moving to SoHo in 2006. The gallery opened a second space in SoHo in 2011.

Several notable artists have been represented by Team Gallery, including Cory Arcangel, Suzanne McClelland, Andreas Schulze, and Banks Violette, among others.

Interestingly enough, despite its New York roots Team Gallery’s debut exhibition 18 years ago reportedly featured the solo show of California-based David Ratcliffe.

Over here in Venice Beach, Arcangel will be the first artist featured at Team Bungalow. His works will be on display from Sept. 14 to Nov. 9 in an exhibition entitled “tl;dr.”

(Note: “tl;dr” is short for “too long; didn’t read” as is a phrase generally used in the social media space.)

After Arcangel’s exhibition, Team Bungalow will finish off 2014 with the works of Margaret Lee. Her exhibition will run from Nov. 16 to Jan. 25, 2015.

Earlier this year, the Team Gallery folks were in Los Angeles hosting a three-day art fair at Paramount Studios. Entitled “Paris Photo Los Angeles,” the art fair featured the works of Arcangel, Alex Bag, Pierre Bismuth, Carina Brandes, Ryan McGinley, and Sam Samore.

The website for both Team Gallery and Team Bungalow is at

Team Bungalow’s phone number is (310) 339-1945.

BOX GIRL: My Part-Time Job as an Art Installation

Lilibet Snellings writes in to ask if we’d share her new book, and having read the synopsis, it looks like it could definitely be of interest to Yo! readers :

I lived in Venice for nine years, and sadly, right in time for winter, moved to Chicago this fall.
This March my book BOX GIRL: My Part-Time Job as an Art Installation, was published by Soft Skull Press. It’s a collection of humorous essays about my living in Venice, and working as a “Box Girl” at The Standard Hotel, among other ridiculous jobs—going on auditions, cocktail waitressing at Chaya **Venice**, being an extra in a Smirnoff Ice commercial, being a dead person in a music video (actually directed by Venice lifer, Ace Norton), and etc. etc. etc.
Needless to say, Venice is a character in my book.
Since its publication BOX GIRL has been featured in The LA TimesThe LA Weekly and Los Angeles Magazineand is currently on Harper’s Bazaar’s “Hot List.”  Buzzfeed put Box Girl  #3 on its “22 Books You Need to Read This Summer” list and Flavorwire called the book one of its “Favorite Cultural Things of The Week.”
Of BOX GIRL, Booklist said, “A self-effacing and wryly humorous young voice in the tenor of Sloane Crosley and Lena Dunham”.

Venice Art Crawl (6.19.14)

Venice Art Crawl

“The Venice Art Crawl is an organization by and for the people. Our goal is to share, inspire and promote collaboration within the Venice community through mixers and art events. Join us by attending, sharing your vision and what inspires you. Our goal is to foster and reinvigorate the creativity that has historically and currently makes Venice such a vibrant and dynamic community.” –

Maps to use on the crawl: The Murals of Venice, Map of the Crawl

Complete List of Events


Dogtown Artists United returns to the historical property 811 OFW on the Venice boardwalk, in conjunction with the Venice Art Crawl Summer edition with a one-night event of music, visual arts, video, performances and interactive multimedia curated by Daniela Ardizzone. 7pm-11pm 811 Ocean Front Walk (entrance on Speedway, at the end of Park Ct.)