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Pasta La Vista – Some of LA’s Best Pasta is in Venice


You don’t have to travel far to find some of the best pasta in LA. According to Los Angeles Eater two of the top places to carb-load are right here in Venice, with both Tasting Kitchen and Rose Café making the cut.

Bruce Horwitz, owner of Tasting Kitchen, at 1633 Abbot Kinney Blvd., says of the honor, “it’s always nice to be included on any ‘best of’ list, especially when it comes to a staple food like pasta, given that here must be ten thousand places you could order a plate of pasta in LA.”

Tasting Kitchen
Pasta is made fresh everyday at Tasting Kitchen on Abbot Kinney Blvd

At Tasting Kitchen pasta is made fresh every day and Horwitz says the recognition is rewarding, especially when the Chef “has the technique and idealism to create preparations without shortcuts.”

However, as rents continue to rise for businesses along Abbot Kinney, Horwitz  warns that it is becoming tougher and tougher for  restauranteurs to continue to operate on the street. Already old West Washington has lost favorites such as Hal’s, and Joe’s Restaurant.

“Occupancy costs, if they continue to rise, will ultimately eliminate restaurants from Abbot Kinney Blvd.   That’s not my opinion, it’s just the math of running a restaurant.  That said, I don’t think property owners want an Abbot Kinney without restaurants, so should restaurants start to leave the street, I have to think there will be an effort made to win them back in the form of rent concessions.  Or not, we shall see,” says Horwitz.

In the meantime locals can still make the most of dining on AK and the dish to try at Tasting Kitchen?  Horowitz recommends the Bucatini All’Amatriciana which has been on the menu since day one, “that’s almost 8 years, so it think it qualifies as a hit.”

Pasta Rose Cafe Venice
According to Los Angeles Eater Rose Café in Venice has some of LA’s best pasta

For an idea of what you can expect from Rose Café at 220 Rose Ave., Chef Jason Neroni was previously up the road at Superba where one of the house specialties at this recently shuttered, early Rose adopter, was the carbonara…it is now on the menu now at Rose Café.


Fiesta Brava Served Eviction Notice


Judge Bobbi Tillmon ordered La Fiesta Brava out of their Rose Avenue location yesterday, giving the  Camarena family until January 1, 2016 to clear out the restaurant that has been their business for over 20 years.

“My Dad built this place. He came here 22 years ago,” said Jasmin Camarena, the eldest Camarena daughter. “People have watched me grow up here, a lot of our customers, they’ve known me since I was 5 or 6 years old. To me they’re like family. We’d love to stay. We know that sometimes change is inevitable but it doesn’t have to be this way.”

A victim of rising the rents across Los Angeles, the Camarena family had been renting their space off property owner Miriam Zlotolow.

Zlotlow had also been the owner of the Venice Ranch Market which was housed in the same building as La Fiesta Brava at 423 Rose Ave. Zlotolow closed up shop earlier this year after making an arrangement that would see local Restauranteur Bruce Horwitz take over the space and develop a new restaurant on the property.

Horwitz spoke to Yo! Venice earlier this year saying “I am not kicking them (La Fiesta Brava) out, the landowner (Zlotolow) wanted to realize the market rent of the property.”

The Camarena family have been paying rent well below market value and while they were under the impression their late father had signed a rent agreement with Zlotolow, Zlotolow believed the family were under a month to month agreement.

Regardless, the family had been led to believe Zlotolow was planning to let them continue to operate out of the space until Horwitz was ready to move forward with the new development.

Friday’s eviction ruling was a shock to the family, as well as Venice locals who had thought La Fiesta Brava would have more time at it’s  Rose Ave location.

On October 8th local activists and residents against the new development announced a plan to appeal the City’s decision to grant  permits to Horwitz.

Attorney for the appellants Mark Kleiman said, “We’re drawing our line. They’re not going to do this. Not without a fight.”

Yo! Venice sources speculate whether the appeal has resulted in Zlotolow’s change of heart and decision to have the Camarena family and their business evicted as soon as possible, even though the family has no part in the appeal.

If the appellants fail to win their appeal with the city they plan to take it as far as the Coastal Commission, Kleiman even joked the group  were ready to take the fight to the UN if need be.

The appeal hearing with the city is planned for early December.

Read the history of the LA Fiesta Brava saga here.


VIDEO: La Fiesta Brava vs Gentrification

VIDEO: La Fiesta Brava vs Gentrification


On Thursday October 8th, activists gathered outside La Fiesta Brava at 423 Rose Ave., in Venice to protest what could be the end of a local favorite.

Standing outside the restaurant, attorney for the appellants Mark Kleiman announced, “We’re drawing our line. They’re not going to do this. Not without a fight.”

Watch the video here…

Landlord to Evict La Fiesta Brava

5:39 am

Local activists and residents will protest the city’s decision to evict family-owned Mexican restaurant La Fiesta Brava, and grant development permits for a large-scale bar and restaurant.

Fiesta Brava 2
La Fiesta Brava was given notice earlier this year

The restaurant on 425 Rose Ave., in Venice was given notice of a change in use back in April this year. The community has since rallied behind them.

At one point even Bruce Horwitz, the man behind the new bar and restaurant development on Rose, stepped in to try and help arrange a new Venice location for La Fiesta Brava in the old Brickhouse spot at 826 Hampton Dr. This has since become the third westside location for restaurant Tacos Por Favor.

Those against the city’s eviction decision will meet at the restaurant at 10am today.

Read the entire La Fiesta Brava Saga here.

The Kombucha Scandal that had Venice in a Fizz is Still Bubbling

On May 8, 2015, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control raided Full Circle Venice, a local spiritual community center on Rose Ave., after a tipoff  that kombucha was being served at a charity fundraiser.

The fermented tea, which contains trace amounts of alcohol, was confiscated and a third-party vendor was cited for serving the drink without a license.

Andrew Keegan
Andrew Keegan, Founder of Full Circle Venice

Consequently, the “Kombucha Raid” incident  garnered international media attention for both Full Circle Venice and the organization’s founder, Andrew Keegan. Some of  reports claiming Keegan himself was “cited” or “busted” for illegally serving kombucha.

However, Full Circle say that Keegan was not at the property on Rose during the raid, nor did he interact with law enforcement officials in any way that night, and that reports saying otherwise have  damaged not only Keegan’s reputation but the reputation of the entire organization.

As a result, on friday September 18th, Keegan filed a lawsuit against media conglomerate AEG.

A statement issued by Full Circle Venice today reads, “All of these journalistic “liberties” are damaging to Mr. Keegan’s reputation and harmful to his work with the mission of Full Circle.”

The organization states that due to the negative publicity surrounding the false report of Keegan’s arrest, his personal and professional reputation have been significantly harmed. Adding that the negative publicity has driven away clients, donors, and congregants from Full Circle Venice.

Executive Director at Full Circle Venice, Jason Dilts said, “Andrew is standing up for truth and accountability. This is about more than money. We have free press but the press has a responsibility to report the truth. This is about drawing a line in the sand and asking what kind of country we want to live in? What kind of a media do we want?”

On Tuesday actor Sean Penn filed a lawsuit against Empire creator Lee Daniels. The complaint being that, in an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Daniels falsely accused Penn of hitting women.

“This is a timely conversation. Facts matter, we cannot have flat-out lies,” said Dilts.