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Eyewitness Video Arrest and Dog Bites on Venice Paddle Courts

This just in from yesterday:

June 27 2014
Two police officers approached a man who had pitched his tent by the paddle courts in Venice CA. The tent had been there for several days and the police had allowed it to stay.

They had the man sit down while paperwork was filled out. When one police officer put on rubber gloves, the man stood up and was heard to say “You are not touching me” and began to walk away.

The police officers called the man to return, but he took his dog and began running through the paddle courts.

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Spring Cleaning at Yo!

We went through the site’s code and cleaned up a lot of things, mostly stuff behind the scenes that won’t be visibly apparent, but with the end result that Yo! Venice now is loading twice as fast as before (according to Google’s metrics), on both the desktop and mobile versions (and the forums are testing *more* than twice as fast). Please enjoy this increased speed responsibly! (Photo for illustrative purposes only, the site is not actually hosted on our old 8 track Tascam machine).