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New Ocean Front Walk Canvas Begs for a Tagging

There’s been a rise in gang-related incidents across Venice and it was only a matter of time before the empty building, with the fresh lick of white paint on Ocean Front Walk at 18th Ave, was going to cop a tagging.

Boardwalk regular Kevin says the new owners of the building are the business minds behind the Jordache Jeans empire.

The building has remained shuttered for the past few months and late last week it was treated to a bright, white coat of paint.

“I told my friend Seven on Thursday, look at that they made a canvas. They painted it all white. I bet Seven that by Monday morning some MoFo would have tagged that,” says Kevin.

What’s most interesting is that the fresh paint job lasted as long as it did.

VIDEO: Random Acts of Kindness on Venice Boardwalk

On Sunday a small group of people got together, along Ocean Front Walk, to spread a little love.

“We have signs made and we take them to populated areas and we make differences in people’s lives.” said Jennifer, who was one of those sprinkling happiness.

Jennifer said the hope was anyone reading the sign may be touched by the message, “Whoever reads the sign, it may touch someone’s heart, it may change how they feel that day.”

The Happiness Sprinkling Project  was started by Laura Lavigne, the Director of the Anacortes Center for Happiness in Washington.

The idea being that a set of signs sharing positive messages travel from place to place, Sprinkling Happiness all over the world.

“We just want to spread love and bring happiness to people” said Jennifer.