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Boater Snapchats Selfies While Sinking


Twelve people were rescued after the 30-foot power boat they were on came close to sinking off Dockweiler State Beach near Marina del Rey yesterday.

Darci Tomey was on board and then she wasn’t. She captured the ordeal on Snapchat. She told CBS2 News the boat had started to take on water and friends on board had said, “Ok get the cups, scoop it out.” Their efforts were futile.

Tomey said it felt like only seconds before the boat was tilted, nose-up in the air before it started to sink, “we all slid into the water, we couldn’t hold on to anything,” she said.

Lifeguards were notified of the distressed craft just before 5 p.m.,
according to Kyle Peters, supervising dispatcher with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The boat was towed back into the marina, where crews worked to drain the waterlogged craft, Peters said. The rescued boaters were taken to the sheriff’s Marina del Rey Station. Peters said no injuries were reported.

Watch the CBS2 story and Tomey’s Snapchat video here:

A Great, Great, Great day to Celebrate Rosendahl


Remembering Bill Rosendahl Mike Bonin
Mike Bonin Remembering Bill Rosendahl

On Saturday April 16th, hundreds of friends, family, and fans of the late Bill Rosendahl gathered at Mar Vista Park for a lively “Rosendahl-style” community celebration of his life.

Venice Paparazzi were on the scene to cover the event. Take a look at the pictures here:

A Train and Car Collide on the Expo Line


A Metro Expo Line train and a car collided today near the Expo/Western Station southwest of downtown Los Angeles, but no injuries were reported.

The accident occurred about 8:30 a.m. near Exposition Boulevard and Western Avenue, according to Metro.

Expo Line will officially open to Palms, West Los Angeles, and Santa Monica on Friday, May 20.  For now trains are running to test the line. Drivers should pay attention to rail signals and be wary not to stop on the tracks.

The Expo Line will extend light rail service from the current terminus in Culver City to Santa Monica, with 7 new stations serving popular destinations along the Westside.

Travel between downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica will take approximately 46 minutes, even during rush hour.

Broadway Elementary Parents Deliver Petition to LAUSD


At the Los Angeles Unified School District’s morning board meeting, two parents, on behalf of the 350-strong organization Parents for Progressive Education, will express opposition to cuts to Mandarin Immersion Program at Venice’s Broadway Elementary school.

Broadway Elementary Mandarin Immersion 3
Hundreds of parents are opposing planned cuts to the Broadway Elementary Mandarin Immersion program

The parents will  address the Board at the start of the meeting and deliver to the Board a petition signed by hundreds of parents. A growing coalition of 350  public school parents is calling on School Board President Steve Zimmer and Superintendent Michelle King to reverse the LAUSD’s decision to cut in half the Mandarin Immersion program at Venice’s  Broadway Elementary School.

With plans for the next school year being finalized in the next few weeks, parents anxious to take action is now.  Recently, thousands rallied at LAUSD schools as part of a “walk in” to show support for public schools. Cutting this program, the parents say, validates the narrative that the LAUSD is unwilling or unable to compete with charter and private operators.

“This program makes our kids more competitive and shows how the District can compete against charter and private operators who are siphoning away public school parents, students and resources,” says Jennifer Pullen, a Broadway Elementary School parent and President of Parents for Progressive Education.

If the District stands by its decision to cut the number of incoming Kindergarten Mandarin Immersion seats from 96 to 48, there will be a reduced chance for new families to enroll their children in the program because more than 40 seats are already claimed by sibling-priority students. 
Los Angeles’ public schools face tough competition from private schools and private operators. The coalition say Parents are removing their children from their local public schools in droves, reducing enrollment and parental involvement. “This is creating a Tale of Two Education Systems for Los Angeles students that harms their ability to succeed and Los Angeles’ future competitiveness,” says the group.

Man Wields Knife in Playa Vista Home Depot Parking Lot


Drama in the parking lot at Home Depot on W Jefferson Blvd, in Playa Vista yesterday when an irate man pulled a knife with a 6-inch blade and threatened to stab a man, he said threatened to shoot him.

The upset happened just after 5pm. The man with the knife had been shopping with his mother and was walking through the parking lot when he confronted a Marina del Rey man he said had almost run him over.

The two men soon got into an argument. The man with the knife knocking the other man’s sunglasses to the ground before pulling the knife out of his pocket and chasing the other man.

Unable to catch up, the angry man stabbed the other man’s car tire multiple times before faking a call to 9-1-1, reporting there was a man with a gun threatening to shoot him.

This was when witnesses stepped in accusing the knife man of being a liar. The man threatened several of the witnesses while yelling racial obscenities to the man he’d threatened to stab.

After this he ordered his mother to, “get in the car and drive.” As she drove a short distance away he continued to threaten everybody around him, pulling his knife once again before following after his mother, getting in the car, and together they drove away.

LAPD Pacific and Air Support Division arrived on the scene minutes later but not before the knife man and his mother had driven off. Police were confident the man would be easy to find as they had an address from his mother’s license plate.

He could face a felony charge.

Update to come.

Yo! Venice has exclusive, dramatic video captured by Yo! Mel.  We will post it as soon as we know the man has been taken into custody.