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Residents and Community Groups to Protest Short Term Rental Giant Globe Homes Today


Local residents, members of Keep Neighborhoods First,
Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice, and People Organized for Westside Renewal will protest today against the short-term housing giant, Globe Homes and Condos Inc.

A trend, that has seen much of the affordable housing in Venice become short term holiday accommodation for tourists, is beginning to alarm residents and community groups alike.

“Management companies are taking over long term permanent housing and turning it into short term holiday accommodation, in essence pitting Venice residents dollars against tourist dollars” says Ofelia Carillo, Communications Organizer with Unite Here Local 11.

“City Council is reviewing the sharing economy and we want them to see how big an issue this is in Venice” says Carillo “Globe Homes has 78 local listings on AirBnB, what they are doing is not sharing”

At 5 p.m., protesters will gather at the intersection of Westminster and Electric Avenues. From here the group will make their way to the Globe headquarters at 1231 Electric Ave., arriving at about 5:30 p.m.

Harrison Ford Released from Hospital

It has been 25 days since Harrison Ford crash landed his plane on a golf course in Santa Monica and according to reports, the actor was seen leaving UCLA Medical Center on Saturday.

Hospitalized after the plane he was piloting crash landed onto the golf course on Rose Ave in Santa Monica on March 5, Ford, 72, sustained serious injuries.

While Eyewitness Elaine Miller told ABC’s KABC Ford sustained a significant head wound, his publicist described his injuries as “non-life threatening”.

On the day of the crash Ford’s son Ben tweeted “Dad is ok. Battered, but ok! He is every bit the man you would think he is. He is an incredibly strong man”

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Help Clean up Centennial Park…without leaving your desk

Venice locals have started a petition to rejuvenate Centennial Park.

Originally designed to be a green neighborhood gathering space and sculpture garden, the park dividing North and South Venice Blvd has gone un-used and landscaping has declined.

Centennial Park Venice 1

The petition is to show the Venice Neighborhood Council on April 1, that Centennial Park has the support of locals and deserves to receive a Community Improvement Project award to rejuvenate the landscaping of Centennial Park and surrounding the Venice Library.

Sign the petition here.

Tsunami Test Warning Today

As part of Tsunami Preparedness Week, officials plan to conduct a statewide tsunami warning test this morning.

The test ensures coastal communities, including Venice and Marina del Rey, can be successfully alerted of the potentially deadly waves.

The test is scheduled for 10:15am this morning and will be broadcast on radio, television stations, and weather radio networks.

Ken Kondo of the Los Angeles County Office
of Emergency Management said the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the State of California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services are responsible for testing the warning system.

Private Security for Venice – Is it an Option?

Business owners along Washington Blvd met last night at Westside Global Awareness Magnet Elementary School.

While news crews lined Washington and Pacific the media was locked out. Only YoVenice! was able to gain access.

Business owners discussed ideas for future improvements that would benefit not only businesses but residents in the surrounding in the area.

The meeting had been planned weeks before but the timing coincided with the attack on Cows End owner Clabe Hartley.

Hartley, 72, was pulled to the ground by a homeless man, his fingertip bitten off. Hartley said over the years violence has been increasing in the area “I don’t want to confuse people like this, they call themselves travelers, do not confuse them with the truly needy homeless people” he said.

Kelly Ott, an ex stuntman for Chuck Norris, was at Cows End when the altercation went down. He was one of the patrons who rushed to help Hartley. He also agreed with Hartley that Venice has a problem with increasingly violent homeless “There are these radical, aggressive, professional vagrants. That’s how they make their living”

Hartley is interested in exploring the idea of employing private security to help deter violent vagrants from the area “It’s not the problem that the LAPD don’t try to do something about it but a lot of our laws restrict them, handcuff them, from being proactive.”

A spokesperson from United Guard Security said that the goal of a private security contractor is to “work to assist LAPD, not replace them.”

Cows End  2

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