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“Fly n Lion” Reunited with Owner After More Than a Year!

Fly n Lion

Good news from Johnny Mitchell in the mail box last night! Austin, the pomeranian known as “the Fly n Lion” that went missing on December 9th of 2010 outside of Danny’s Deli, has been found! If you recall, when Austin went missing, the story was on all of the local news shows. Good to see the “Fly n Lion” back in the news!

From ABC in Fresno:

All the best to Austin and Johnny, who has been back at home with his family in Louisiana for a year or so. Johnny will be on his way to pick up Austin and paying us all a visit very soon!

Animal Wellness Centers!

Situated on the border between Venice and Marina del Rey, Animal Wellness Centers is one of the fastest growing animal healthcare firms in California with a mission to revolutionize the veterinary industry.

Animal Wellness Centers

Over the past decade, in the most advanced animal care settings around the world, Dr. Annie Harvilicz developed the Animal Wellness Approach to animal healthcare, integrating five core elements into a comprehensive, holistic and new-to-world methodology that you can only find at AWC. Nutrition, Behavior, Traditional Medicine, Modern Medicine and Prevention are the key elements to this innovative approach and are consistently applied in each and every appointment you have with an Animal Wellness veterinarian.

Animal Wellness Centers

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Animal Wellness Centers also focuses on strengthening human/animal relationships. It is important to celebrate that humans are lucky to have such strong friendships and close bonds with animals, but must be mindful that they are “other nations” and as such, deserve the accompanying respect. We are all together in this “net of life and time,” and we should all strive to make the most of our lives. Animal Wellness Centers’ mission is to promote the quality of life of our companion animals by offering the best possible veterinary care and supporting wellness products and services. To book an appointment, call (310) 450-PETS or visit For more information on AWC, click here!

Thanks to Animal Wellness for sponsoring Yo! Venice! and also for keeping Flora the Yo! Venice! dog healthy and happy! Great place!

Animal Wellness Centers
4053 Lincoln Blvd
Los Angeles 90292

(310) 450-PETS

Lost Cat on Broadway Near 6th!

My name is Muesli (“moo-sli”), and I’m a medium haired light gray and white 8 month old kitty.

 I have yellow-green eyes, a big fluffy tail that’s gray on top and white below. I have a serious heart condition that requires I take medication every day. I tend to be very friendly but I’m not used to going outdoors so I may run or fight. My family loves and misses me very much.

Last seen: April 24, 2012 (Broadway Street in Venice near 6th street!)

Call day or night: (310) 490-4243