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Girls Get Ready Springtime Ladies Jam Hits Venice


by Jennifer Eden

Venice is known as a mecca for skateboarders all over the world and has long been regarded as the home of modern day Skateboarding. Hosting some of the largest skate boarding events in the industry, Venice is also home to many legends and pro skateboarders.

Girl Skateboard Venice Beach 1
Ladies take over on Saturday in Venice Beach

The Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks is celebrating gender equality this year, with the first ever Venice Beach Springtime Ladies Skate Jam taking place Saturday, April 30 from noon until 4:00pm.

The event will celebrate women in skateboarding.

The contest itself will consist of individual runs in the snake run and mini bowl. In addition there will be a “Pup Cup” which is an event for very beginners. It will be on flat ground and there is a good chance there will be some ties for first place.

Pros and Legends will be there to sign autographs in the VIP tent and they will also be doing demos in the big bowl. Meeting pros and legends promised to be fun for everyone, not just the skaters!

Sponsor booths will be set up on the walkway into the park creating a festival atmosphere where visitors can browse and shop.

Venice Springtime Ladies AM Jam 2016

Get Down in the Venice Dirt for a Great Cause


The Community Healing Gardens are calling out to volunteers, young and old, to help with their Coffee and Dirt Planting Party this Saturday, April 30 in Venice from 9:00am – 1:00pm.

Community Healing Gardens Planting Party
Join the Planting Party fun

The party will meet at 805 Brooks Ave. Volunteers will  clean and plant new vegetables in the Community Healing Garden boxes on 4th and 5th Streets in Venice.

Bring your sneakers, hat, sunscreen, and a water bottle. Coffee, water, and snacks will be provided.

Community Healing Gardens is a non-profit organization that launched in Venice, CA on June 13, 2015.  The group creates urban gardens to provide sustainable, nutritious food to diverse and underserved communities.

Community Healing Gardens Planting Party Photo Laura Doss
The Venice community getting behind a great cause Photo by: Laura Doss

The organization says they,  “believe every corner with a patch of soil or some empty space has the potential to feed communities with nutrition, connection, and love.

Food grown in the gardens is be shared amongst the neighborhood and provided to feed children and others in need.

Venice Beach Grunion Run

By Melanie Camp

Tim Rudnick is the director of the Venice Oceanarium and he is gearing up for the organization’s biggest event of the year. Starting at 10:30pm, on Saturday April 23rd, is the annual Grunion Run Party and everyone is invited.

Tim Rudnick Venice Oceanarium
Tim Rudnick Director of Venice Oceanarium Courtesy: John Decindis

“Last year 1,000 people showed up to watch the spectacle. It’s nature in its most dramatic form,” said Rudnick, explaining the excitement of waiting in the dark by the Venice Breakwater in complete calm, before thousands of grunion storm the beach to lay their eggs. “The seashore is covered by hundreds of sex-crazed fish,” Rudnick said.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said that most people can’t believe their eyes when they witness their first Grunion Run.

Rudnick describes it as “a big orgy for the fish,” well of course something like that is best watched in Venice!

A local “museum without walls,” Venice Oceanarium presents and array of events on Venice Beach. This year is the 20th anniversary of the Grunion Run Party.

“We can accurately predict this event by observing the high tides during the spring. We have seen grunion almost every time we do this event. We’ve only missed it twice in 20 years,” Rudnick explained.

Grunion Run Courtesy Venice Oceanarium
Grunion on Venice Beach Courtesy: Venice Oceanarium

Grunions exist only around Southern California, between Santa Barbara and northern Baja. They spawn for four consecutive nights following the full and new moons, and while the season runs from March through August, and occasionally February and September, April and May are the peak months. Rudnick exaplained that there is a “misconception that they run only once, April is a good month because it’s the middle of their season.”

The mating ritual is unique, a female fish will surf a wave into the shoreline and dig a nest in the wet sand with her tail, twisting her body until she is half buried with her head sticking up. She then deposits her eggs in the nest.

“They are followed by hundreds of lusty male fish intent on fertilizing these eggs. The male fish will squiggle up in the wet sand and about two or three will dance around her and fertilize the eggs she lays,” Rudnick said. Spawning only takes 30 seconds but some fish remain stranded on the beach for several minutes as they await a ride out on the next wave.

Every year the Oceanarium collects some of the fertilized eggs to hatch as part of their research. They later release the baby fish into the bay.

“Witnessing this event is life-changing. You’ll never feel the same about L.A. and you will never forget it. These memories are especially vivid for kids,” said Rudnick. Despite all the fish you may see on April 23rd, the Grunion population is not abundant. “They act as an indicator species for the health of the bay,” he added.

During peak months, Grunion fishing season is closed and you will be ticketed if you take any Grunion in April or May. When the season is open, to fish Grunion you need a license and must be older than 16- years old to apply for one. Grunion taste similar to sardines and by law you can only fish them using your hands. You cannot dig holes or use buckets and you are limited to taking only what you need.

This year’s Grunion Run Party starts at 10:30pm on Saturday night April 23 at the Venice Beach breakwater, on the beach just down from Windward Avenue.

Grunion Flyer Yo! Venice Ad

Help Send a Kid to Camp


Kids throughout the Venice neighborhood are gearing up for camp during their summer break from school. Venice Arts is asking the community for help in sending children from low-income families on a summer camp adventure too.

Venice Arts Kids on Camp in Solctice Canyon
Venice Arts Kids on Camp in Solctice Canyon

Last year 8-year-old Kamran was the youngest student in the Venice Arts “Movies in the Mountains” summer camp. Kamran, who aspires to be a Film Director said, “I liked going to Solstice Canyon because I never go to dusty cowboy places.”

The program is supported by the National Park Service and is in keeping with the entire premise behind Venice Arts – giving under privileged kids opportunities to which they would not usually have access.

While taking part in the program, Kam- ran and his camp buddies produced the short film “Solstice Canyon.” It is a ghost story which, Venice Arts Associate Director, Elysa Voshell said, “reflects the sense of discovery and adventure they felt at Camp.”

The group is hoping to raise $15,000. That would be enough money to support scholar- ships for 100 low-income youth like Kamran.

“Last year we had 140 students on full scholarship for Camp, and we hope to be able to provide that again this year with the community’s support,” Voshell said.

A $70 donation sends a child to Camp for one day. $1400 covers a full month. One of camp donors is Kreation Organic. The Abbot Kinney restaurant will feature an exhibition beginning April 22, Earth Day, and running through May 8. The show will feature works from Venice Arts students, exploring intersections between art, science, and the environ- ment.

Donations are being accepted until April 30th. Visit VeniceArts.Org

Green Venice Expo on Today


Rain, hail or shine, the Venice Neighborhood Council will host the 2nd annual Green Venice Expo 2.0 today, Saturday, April 9th at Mark Twain Middle School from 12 to 5pm.

“Last year, over one thousand residents, activists and green-friendly individuals gathered together to offer the Venice community specific strategies and solutions for a cleaner and greener Venice,” says Rob Dew, one of the event’s organizers and local Venice community advocate and activist.

The event will include government, business, and not-for-profit exhibitors. Aiming to challenge attendees to rethink issues such as recycling, farming, planting, solar energy, community gardening, electric vehicles and bikes, home grown gardening, population growth and other issues that face Venice as supporters of a greener community.

KCRW radio personality, Editor-in-Chief of Truthdig, and syndicated columnist Robert Scheer will be one of the speakers, joining strategies, and demonstrations on how to keep Venice green will an emphasis on solutions-based, green sustainability and eco preservation.

There will be presentations and discussions on walkability/mobility, Green Homes & construction, Ocean health, Grey Water, Permaculture, Renewable Energy and a discussion of the current California drought.

Sponsored by Whole Foods Market of Venice and in partnership with Surfrider Foundation, this day-long gathering on green sustainability will feature exhibitors and organizations dedicated to Mother Earth.

Green Venice Expo 2.0 is a free event to both the general public as and exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors.  Encouraging zero waste, organizers are asking all attendees to bring their own eating and drinking utensils.