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Pasta La Vista – Some of LA’s Best Pasta is in Venice


You don’t have to travel far to find some of the best pasta in LA. According to Los Angeles Eater two of the top places to carb-load are right here in Venice, with both Tasting Kitchen and Rose Café making the cut.

Bruce Horwitz, owner of Tasting Kitchen, at 1633 Abbot Kinney Blvd., says of the honor, “it’s always nice to be included on any ‘best of’ list, especially when it comes to a staple food like pasta, given that here must be ten thousand places you could order a plate of pasta in LA.”

Tasting Kitchen
Pasta is made fresh everyday at Tasting Kitchen on Abbot Kinney Blvd

At Tasting Kitchen pasta is made fresh every day and Horwitz says the recognition is rewarding, especially when the Chef “has the technique and idealism to create preparations without shortcuts.”

However, as rents continue to rise for businesses along Abbot Kinney, Horwitz  warns that it is becoming tougher and tougher for  restauranteurs to continue to operate on the street. Already old West Washington has lost favorites such as Hal’s, and Joe’s Restaurant.

“Occupancy costs, if they continue to rise, will ultimately eliminate restaurants from Abbot Kinney Blvd.   That’s not my opinion, it’s just the math of running a restaurant.  That said, I don’t think property owners want an Abbot Kinney without restaurants, so should restaurants start to leave the street, I have to think there will be an effort made to win them back in the form of rent concessions.  Or not, we shall see,” says Horwitz.

In the meantime locals can still make the most of dining on AK and the dish to try at Tasting Kitchen?  Horowitz recommends the Bucatini All’Amatriciana which has been on the menu since day one, “that’s almost 8 years, so it think it qualifies as a hit.”

Pasta Rose Cafe Venice
According to Los Angeles Eater Rose Café in Venice has some of LA’s best pasta

For an idea of what you can expect from Rose Café at 220 Rose Ave., Chef Jason Neroni was previously up the road at Superba where one of the house specialties at this recently shuttered, early Rose adopter, was the carbonara…it is now on the menu now at Rose Café.


Dog Adoption Today At Bulldog Realtors


Today Bulldog Realtors at 1209 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice will hold a dog adoption event from 10:30am -1:30pm.

Dog Rescue Abott Kinney 2
Help a dog orphan find a fur-ever home today at Bulldog Realtors on Abbot Kinney

There will be 6-7 dogs looking for a fur-ever home so head over and find your fur-baby. Blush and Brinkley, a 6-month old pair of energetic  Border Collie Mix puppies will be part of the group, along with some great adult dogs from Ranch Dog Rescue and Rehab in Lancaster.  Adoption fees and mandatory home checks will be required.

“If you’re looking for an active, loyal companion, these are the perfect dogs for you,” says Cari Chanin from Bulldog Realtors. Chanin is an active adoption advocate who often helps shelter pets in need. At Christmas she ran a blanket drive at Bulldog.


Venice Sheds a Tear for Shuttering Stalwarts


By Melanie Camp

Venice has suffered another blow to the old guard with both Joe’s Restaurant and Roosterfish announcing, in the same week, that they will be saying goodbye to the neighborhood. Their departures fur- ther adding to the changing face of Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Locals expressed outrage on social media regarding the shutterings, Yvonne Sjostrand writing on Facebook in a response to the news that Joe’s would be closing: “everything old Venice seems to go away slowly one by one. Soon we all have to start our story with remember when…”

On twitter Frank Fox wrote: “Gentrification has finally hit me where it hurts. If hipsters turn Roosterfish into some vegan vodka bar, I’m out of Venice! Nothing Left!”

It seems indeed that gentrification is playing a part in the demise of Roosterfish. After original owner, Walter Schneider, passed away 10 years ago, Gary Mick took over the bar saying he has, “been a fortu- nate trustee.” Roosterfish had been offered a new lease, Mick says it was one they chose not to accept. Adding that he is beginning to wonder how any business can survive on Abbot Kinney with the current cost of commercial leases, “it’s getting to be more about bragging rights. Location, location.”

James Allen from Coldwell Banker Preview Estates has been a realtor in Venice for almost 20 years. Over the last few years Allen says he’s witnessed the jump in price per square foot on Abbot Kinney. Allen says the Roosterfish building owner is asking $17 a square foot per month.

Venice business rentals average $7 to $8 per square foot, according to Allen, with Abbott Kinney commanding prices between $10 and $17 a square foot.

Joe's Restaurant Venice
After Nearly 25 Years in Venice Joe’s Restaurant will Close on Valentine’s Day

“This jump in the price per square foot over the last few years brought on by the ‘Gentrification of Venice’ is really changing the landscape. Popular Venice businesses such as Hal’s, Joe’s Restaurant, and the Roosterfish can no longer pay these exorbitant rents and these places, that have been local favorites for years, are one-by-one having to leave the Venice area for good,” says Allen.

As far as relocating, Mick says, “Roosterfish is a one of a kind creation, made what it is by the folks passing it’s threshold. It’s unlikely that we would relocate with that name,” adding that there are no plans for a new bar either, at this time.

“In the 37 years we have seen the gay community grow to be more mainstream. Gay rights, gay marriage. We have a long way to go for perfect equality, but we will persevere as we always have,” says Mick.

Sadly for Venice and the Westside LGBT Community, the bar, which has been Los Angeles’ longest continually running gay bar, will not persevere. In May Roosterfish will call last drinks for the last time, shutting the doors forever to the iconic aqua location, “there’s a

lotta history in here,” says Seth who works at the bar, “and until we close in May we’re going to give it a good more 3 months.”

Roosterfish 3
LA’s Longest Running Gay Bar Set To Say Goodbye

“In the early days the neighborhood was pretty ghetto,” Mick adds
. “We still have a hole in the ceiling were a bartender shot his gun off in the bar, back in the day. We have witnessed dark times in gay history along with everyone in the country. Lucky for us Venice is a fairly forgiving place to be. A message for the Venice community? Thank you for the pleasure. My crew and I have had a ball! Happy trails to you.”

In a heartfelt email message to those on the Joe’s Restaurant mailing list, Chef Joseph Miller made the announcement that his restaurant would be saying goodbye to Venice writing, “after 24 years, I have decided to close Joe’s Restaurant. My restaurant. I have had a great run bringing Farmer’s Market-driven, fine-dining to Abbot Kinney. I have seen this community through many changes.”

Miller says that the decision to close came with mixed feelings, and he hopes locals, “who have frequented my restaurant over the years will find time before the 14th of February to come in for one more meal and to say good- bye. But most of all, I want to say, thank you.”

With this Valentine’s Day being the last day of business at Joe’s Restaurant there is sure to be a whole lot of love pouring out to the place that has been on Abbot Kinney for almost a quarter of a century…and may be after dinner, everyone can filter down the street for a nightcap at Roosterfish. A farewell tour of two Venice OGs.

Read more on Joe’s Restaurant here and more on Roosterfish here.

Venice Yoga Goers Hot Targets For Early Morning Crime


LAPD Pacific Division has been patrolling Abbot Kinney Blvd., and nearby streets in unmarked cars, cracking down on a recent spate of home and car break-ins that have occurred in the area.

LAPD Pacific Division PCU
LAPD Pacific PCU; (L to R) David Navas, TK Kim, “The” Scotty Stevens, Mauricio Vargas, Manny Perez, Isidro Mendoza, & Robert Espinoza (Not pictured)

Sgt Scotty Stevens of LAPD Pacific said that people heading to early morning yoga and spin classes have been the main targets, with burglars waiting until classes have started before they begin breaking into parked cars.

Burglers Target Early Morning Fitness Crowd on Abbot Kinney 3
Burglars are targeting the early morning workout crowd on Abbot Kinney

“Car burglaries are a problem in the area, not just on Abbott Kinney, but the trend has been at gyms and yoga studios very early in the morning. After people begin to arrive, burglars will walk the parking area and check for un-locked doors. If none are found, they will look for cars with valuables that are visible. They shatter the window and grab whatever they can. Takes only a few seconds,” Stevens said.

The unmarked patrols have meant to officers have had more chance catching criminals in the act, however, Stevens added that there are precautions that can be taken to help prevent these crimes alto- gether.

“Do not leave anything valuable in your car. If you must, put it in the trunk. Also, lock your car. You would be amazed at the number of thefts that occur from unlocked cars,” Stevens said.

Joe’s Announces it’s time to Go


In a heartfelt email message to those on the Joe’s Restaurant mailing list, Chef Joseph Miller announced today that that yet another of Venice’s OG’s will be departing Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Goodbye Letter from Joe's Abbot Kinney

With this Valentine’s Day being  last day of business at Joe’s Restaurant there is sure to be a whole lotta love pouring out to the place that has been on Abbot Kinney for almost a quarter of a century.

Tonight  La Fiesta Brava on Rose Ave., will host a their last farewell, and Roosterfish announced this week that they, just like Hal’s and now Joe’s, will soon be ending their run on Abbot Kinney.

Many locals have been left reeling over the news  that more and more Venice institutions are closing their doors.