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‘Throwback Thursday’: Stroh’s is Closing

September 19th, 2013 by Bret · 1 Comment

From the Yo! Venice! archives of September 19th, 2008, written by Keri:

Stroh’s is closing. You read that right.

Stroh’s Gourmet is closing tomorrow. For good. WTF? We hear “a woman who will do a macrobiotic thing” will be taking its place. We don’t know Jason (of Stroh’s) personally, but we wish him all the best in whatever he is doing next.

Stroh’s Abbot Kinney is Closing

Another closed business. This sucks. Some might think it’s karma because there are those in Venice that feel some stores on Abbot Kinney are too expensive and that they forced out other businesses & families. But here is what sends a chill down my spine – in this economy with banks going under and mortgages becoming more elusive, WHAT businesses are going to be able to replace the ones we are losing? The property owners need to pay their bills too. You know what I’m saying

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