Los Angeles Times Features RG Club

The Los Angeles Times has a new article up by August Brown featuring the newly remodeled RG Club on Lincoln! If you have not been to the club yet, check it out! Trumpeter Nolan Shaheed, pianist John Beasley, bassist Henry Franklin, and drummer Alphonse Mouzon are playing tonight! It is our favorite new place in Venice! The RG is effortlessly hip and features great drink prices and even better music!

From the LA Times:

A new venue in Venice joins Little Tokyo’s Blue Whale among a small group of clubs drawing a young crowd seeking live jazz. Welcome to Brad Neal’s after-hours job, which he does for the love of the music.

RG Club Venice

As befits a new jazz venue, Brad Neal’s RG Club in Venice is kind of an improvisatory venture.

“This is so stupid, why would anyone do this,” Neal joked, surveying the bright Art Deco-inspired room, which opened seven weeks ago. “I don’t have any experience running a bar. I’m just a guy who loves music.”

Neal’s a real estate professional by day (albeit one who greets guests in a Hindu “Om” T-shirt befitting his hippie-ish home turf). But his new night job running a jazz joint might prove to be an extended solo.

RG joins Little Tokyo’s Blue Whale among a new, small crop of clubs drawing twentysomethings and thirtysomethings out for live jazz in upscale but unimposing settings. As young music culture in L.A. is increasingly dominated by electronic acts where performances are confined to laptops, RG could remind several generations of fans that the pleasures of a crackling live band are perennial.

RG inhabits a ’30s-era room that for decades was a beloved Venice dive bar, the Red Garter. Though nearby Abbott Kinney Boulevard was recently named the Coolest Block in America by GQ, RG’s stretch of Lincoln Boulevard still has a touch of old-Venice seediness (watch out for the neighboring psychic shop’s creepy wizard statue, which may give unsuspecting pedestrians the heebie-jeebies).

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C.J. Gronner: The Venice Skatepark

C.J. Gronner of BlogTown and The Beachhead has a new article up about the Venice Skatepark and the Venice Surf and Skateboard Association (V.S.A.). Read the article, then get involved in helping your neighbors at the V.S.A.!

esmond Tutu Shepherd 12-7-2012

Desmond Shepherd – Picture by Ray Rae!

From CJ Gronner:

Happy New Year, People! In the interest of shining a light on the things that are still awesome about living in Venice in 2013, I recently dug a little deeper into the everyday goings on at the Venice Skatepark. I grew up with my brother’s half-pipe in our backyard, smashed my own face trying to drop in off that thing, and was always surrounded by skaters, so I have a soft spot for the whole scene, but also recognize the beauty and importance of this place in our community.

After working for over 20 years to erect a skatepark in what many believe is the birth place of skateboarding, Venice finally got its skate home in 2009, and skaters have been tearing it up ever since. Which is why the maintenance of the park is such a big deal. Many places have skateparks put in by well-meaning skate companies and foundations, or grants or whatever, but then they leave and it’s up to whomever else is left to keep it up and running. Venice Skatepark is on Park and Recreation (City of L.A.) territory, but no one from the city has ever stepped a foot into the park to clean it. Ever. ALL the clean up and maintenance of the park is done by beyond dedicated, hard working and meaning it volunteers.

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New Hostaria del Piccolo on Rose Featured at LA Restaurant Week

LA Restaurant Week will be held from January 21st – February 1st this year. The new Hostaria del Piccolo on Rose is participating, so it will be a good excuse to go check them out! Click here to make reservations: $15 for lunch and $25 for dinner! The goal of Restaurant Week is to get people out and about in Los Angeles to discover new places, so get motivated to head East of Lincoln!

LA Restaurant Week

More than 250 participating restaurants will serve special priced prix fixe menus during Restaurant Week, click here to see what will be offered around town!