Fire at Chequered Flag: 12-28-12

Steve C. writes in via cel phone that LAFD is on the scene at the Chequered Flag car showroom on Lincoln as of 6:30 pm. (Keep our email address in your cel phone and send in what you see around town!)

Fire at Chequered Flag: 12-28-12

From the looks of it, the fire is in the north building where incoming cars are kept and worked on at the vintage car dealership, and not in the main showroom buildings.

Fire at Chequered Flag: 12-28-12

Update from the always helpful and informative LAFD twitter feed:

LAFD Twitter

Chequered Flag International Car Showroom
4128 Lincoln Boulevard
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 827-8665

Venice Neighborhood ‘Book Park’ Now Open! Free Books!

Like to read? Need a book? Venice Public Art has created a new “Venice Neighborhood Book Park” at Andalusia and Altair!

Venice Neighborhood 'Book Park'

Picture by Robin Murez

The book exchange stand operates under the “give a book, take a book” code of honor. You can always give more than you take! Create a book stand of your own and add it to your street! Thanks to Robin and Venice Public Art!

Venice Beach Penguin Club: New Year’s Swim 2013!

The Venice Penguin Club will be hosting the 53rd annual New Year’s Day swim on January 1st, 2013! Sign ups begin at 11 am with the swim starting at noon. The event is free! To spectate or participate, meet up on the beach at the Venice breakwater (Windward Avenue at the Ocean).

Venice Beach Penguin Club New Year’s Day Swim 4

Venice Beach Penguin Club New Year’s Day Swim

From The Penguin Club:

History of the Venice Penguin Club Swimmers …

In 1952 Cecelia Klinger moved to Los Angeles from Illinois where she grew up swimming in the icy waters of Lake Michigan. At first she would drive from Hollywood to the beach looking for a good place to swim. After getting caught in big waves off Playa del Rey, it was suggested that she try the breakwater area at Venice Beach.

Continue reading Venice Beach Penguin Club: New Year’s Swim 2013!

Christmas Tree Recycling Program!

Headed out of town for New Years? The LA Fire Department recommends that you dispose of your Christmas tree as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary fire risk!

Christmas Tree Disposal Venice Beach

If you can’t fit your tree in the green recycling bins, the City of LA Bureau of Sanitation has expanded curbside collection for Christmas trees. If your Christmas tree is too big to cut and place inside the green waste bin, simply place the tree next to your green waste bin on collection day. Collected Christmas trees will be recycled into compost and mulch.

For those that miss out on curbside collection, Fire Station #63 will once again host a tree recycling drop off location on Sunday, January 6th, from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Fire Station #63 – Venice
1930 Shell Ave.
(310) 575-8563

Reminder: Don’t Shoot Your Gun on New Year’s Eve!

Planning on shooting your gun into the air to celebrate New Years? Bad plan! Shooting your gun in the air is dangerous, against the law, the LAPD is now using “Shotspotter” and Chief Charlie Beck says “if you are caught shooting a gun in the air you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”. If you need to be macho, use a potato gun!


From the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department:

Celebrating the New Year with Gunfire will Not be Tolerated in the City and County of Los Angeles

Every year, a significant number of people throughout the City and County of Los Angeles engage in the extremely dangerous practice of discharging firearms into the air to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Continue reading Reminder: Don’t Shoot Your Gun on New Year’s Eve!