Check in on Santa’s Progress at Santa Tracker!

Hey kids! Check out Santa zinging around the globe! He is in Tehran, Iran last we checked, making his way to Venice!

Santa Tracker

Remember kids! Santa likes egg nog with a little splash or two of something adult to keep him warm! Leave some near the tree for Santa with some cookies!

While you are sitting around the fire, check out the online classical music feed from Radio Onda in Venice, Italy!

5th Annual ‘Feed the Homeless’ Christmas in Venice!

Tomorrow morning, December 25th, Anthony Perez and the “sEnD mE a pEnNy” Foundation will host the 5th annual “Christmas in Venice” to feed the homeless from 7-9:30 am at the Venice Recreation Center. Residents are encouraged to get involved with donations of food, clothes and / or help!

From Anthony Perez and “sEnD mE a pEnNy“:

Hi Everyone,

The Year of “CHANGE” is almost at a close…If you are wondering how you will turn the year around in favor of CHANGE???This is The Event that will surly help… Continue reading 5th Annual ‘Feed the Homeless’ Christmas in Venice!

Santa Claus Busted in Venice!

From Steve B.:

Saturday night some elves told me that Santa Claus was busted by a Sheriff for allegedly riding his bicycle through a red light on Washington Blvd. The elves even provided some snapshots, including Santa with his freshly issued citation.

Santa Busted in Venice Beach

Santa “Ho Ho Hos” with his freshly minted citation.

Something you don’t see every day, even in Venice!

Rosendahl Gives Re-Election Campaign Money to Charity

From Councilman Bill Rosendahl:

Los Angeles City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl distributed two checks on Sunday — each one in the amount of $35,000 — to two non-profit organizations that help the most vulnerable in the community.


Rosendahl presented the cashiers checks to New Directions and Safe Place for Youth. The checks were the remaining funds from his re-election campaign. Rosendahl, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, later decided not to run and instead announced his retirement at the end of his term on June 30.

The former candidate then closed his campaign account that held $70,000 in donations. State law allows candidates to donate remaining campaign funds to charity.

Rosendahl chose the two organizations because of his work to improve the quality of life of our returning vets and to address one of the homeless issues in the City.

New Directions provides services, support and transitional housing to homeless veterans in Los Angeles County. New Directions is currently working on a local project that will house returning vets from Afghanistan and Iraq. Continue reading Rosendahl Gives Re-Election Campaign Money to Charity