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Venice Art Crawl Honors the Memory of Figtree’s Café Victoria Barcelona

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From Patty Tedesco:

On Thursday, December 20th, The Venice Art Crawl will honor the memory of Victoria Barcelona. Owner of Figtree’s Café, Vicky was always involved in the Venice Art Crawl. The event this month will offer a wonderful opportunity to continue Vicky’s legacy and support the arts.

Victoria Barcelona

Victoria Barcelona

Figtree’s Café will present the work of Nick Busco, Scott Tansey, and Peter Padmapuzzo Thompson at this special December Venice Art Crawl.

Nick Busco
Nick Busco

A music photographer, Nick Busco has toured the country photographing legends in the music industry.Busco began to fiddle around with a camera at an early age and continued this passion through college. His love for music inspired him to take his camera to concerts. When he started working for a rock and roll lighting company, he realized he could shoot at incredibly close range and thus began his photography career.

Talking about his process, Busco explains, “Whether I go to an outdoor or an indoor shoot, I always look at light….contemplating where it will land, where it comes from, how I can make it more dramatic… I look at the subject, and develop an idea on how it should be shot or what I need to do to get the shot.”

He continues, “At concerts you only have the lighting that is there….You have no control of it, so you have to be on your toes and wait for the right light.”

Scott Tansey
Scott Tansey

Photographer Scott Tansey is currently on view at Figtree’s Café and will also be part of the December Art Crawl event.

Tansey has traveled all over the world capturing incredible views. His work has been published in a variety of publications such as the annual report covers of Consumer Reports, Audubon Magazine, and many more.

Tansey became interested in photography at an early age, and his passion continued throughout his life. He explains, “By my early 20′s, I was totally hooked. I had a couple of shows and became really interested in panoramic photography.”

An accomplished landscape photographer, Scott Tansey tirelessly searches for that perfect shot. He explains, “I am driven and excited to create great photographs. Even when I am with other photographers, I’m the one who gets up earlier to chase the great light, spends more time seeking out great images, and finishes later…..well after the others have gone back inside.”

Tansey recently returned from Patagonia. Tansey’s latest series from Patagonia will be on view at the Café through January 15th.

Peter Padmapuzzo Thompson
Peter Padmapuzzo Thompson

Another artist featured will be Peter Padmapuzzo Thompson. Born in NYC and raised in Brazil and Chicago among other places, Padmapuzzo is now a California artist whose works portray global adventures from Rio to Paris. A lover of literature and music, some of Padmapuzzo’s works highlight authors and musicians. Peter is a family and pet portrait artist as well as a children’s book illustrator.

The Figtree’s Café event takes place in conjunction with The Venice Art Crawl this Thursday, December 20th. The event at Figtree’s Café will honor late owner Victoria Barcelona. Figtree’s Café is located at 429 Ocean Front Walk. The event takes place from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

By Patty Tedesco

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