Venice Surf-A-Thon Results and Pictures!

The 19th Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon was held on Saturday in 2-3 foot surf. Check out Ray Rae’s pictures! The results are after “the jump”!

Super Groms
1st place- Vegas Massie
2nd place- Oshi Massie

1st place- Kelly Bennet
2nd place- Jesse Papick
3rd place- Will. I Am

Jr.Mens #1
1st place- Cameron Packem
2nd place- Ryan C.
3rd place- Cory Cash

Jr. Men #2
1st place- Cameron Packem
2nd place- Kenta Elwell
3rd place- Jimmy

1st place- Peter Carpenter
2nd-place- Joe Shmo
3rd-place- Jack Santa Cruz

1st place- Tammy Mowery
2nd place- Victoria V.

1st place- Tonan
2nd place- Brock Landloc
3rd place- Norm A.

1st place- Pastor Papick
2nd Place- Joe Shmo
3rd place- Sal T. Nuts

Body Surfing
1st place- Syd Syd
2nd place- C-rock
3rd place- Andrew L.G

1st place- Tyler Packem
2nd-place- Foster
3rd Place- “Bustin” Justin Swartz

Most Outstanding Surfer Award

Masao Miyashiro