Pictures: 31st Annual Venice Canals Holiday Boat Parade!

Councilman Bill Rosendahl was the guest of honor at the 31st Annual Venice Canals Holiday Boat Parade held on Sunday!


Participants and fans were not deterred by the light rains, with 15 or so boats showing up! (Usually there are 30+). Check out the pictures by Steve Christensen and Ray Rae!

Click here to see the slide show “real size”, or here to see them individually!

The “winners” list will be posted when we get it!

The California Report: ‘Venice Becomes Silicon Beach’

KQED’s The California Report has an article (and audio) up called “Venice Becomes Silicon Beach“. The “Venice of tomorrow” is discussed.

Old Sign on Windward

From the The California Report:

“If you want to come to Venice, why would you want to change it?” counters Linda Lucks. “You must come here because you like it.”

Lucks heads the Venice Neighborhood Council. Venice is technically part of Los Angeles, so this is the closest thing the neighborhood has to its own government.

“There’s a danger of losing the soul of Venice, a lot of us feel,” Lucks explains, “which is the diversity, the multiculturalism, which is the tolerance for people who aren’t just like you.”

In elections in October, ZEFR’s Oren Katzeff won a seat on the Neighborhood Council — one sign, perhaps, that tech is here to stay. He says Venice is going to have to get used to the changes.

“Change at times is inevitable,” Katzeff says. “You can take the position of, it’s going to happen, but how can I influence it in a way that’s positive for change and for myself?”

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to read the full article or listen to it below!

CLARE Foundation Opens New Facility in Santa Monica

The CLARE Foundation held a dedication ceremony last Thursday for their new Women’s Treatment Program Facility at 844 Pico in Santa Monica. Speakers included CLARE Executive Director Nicholas Vrataric, CLARE board member Dorothy Richards and Gleam Davis and Kevin McKeown of the Santa Monica City Council.

CLARE Foundation Santa Monica

Started in 2003, the CLARE Women’s Treatment Program offers women short and long-term residential treatment designed to address underlying issues specific to women in recovery. The newly renovated building features 40 beds and will provide gender-responsive detoxification services, primary care and long-term residential services. Continue reading CLARE Foundation Opens New Facility in Santa Monica