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Animal Wellness Foundation Needs Your Click!

November 8th, 2012 by Bret · No Comments

The Venice adjacent Animal Wellness Center has started the Animal Wellness Foundation to help keep pets in their loving homes by assisting low-income families with medical expenses while also finding homes for lost, abandoned and neglected animals.

Animal Wellness

The Animal Wellness Foundation has a sponsor that is willing to donate $1 for every “like” they get on Facebook, up to $40,000. This is not a Facebook scam, I have verified with Animal Wellness who the donor is, and the offer is legit.

Please learn more about the foundation by clicking here, and earn the foundation a dollar by liking them on Facebook by clicking here. As noted, this is not a hypothetical, their sponsor is very real, so please share the news with your friends on Facebook and ask them to like the Foundation too! They won’t spam you, and by simply clicking a button you can help people that can’t afford veterinary care!

Once the foundation has funding, one of their first missions will be “Operation Vaccinate Venice”.  All the homeless or low-income dogs that hang around the Venice boardwalk are at serious risk of contracting parvo virus or distemper virus. This puts every pet at risk to have these dogs unvaccinated. “Operation Vaccinate Venice” will vaccinate boardwalk pets for free!

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