Health Advisory: Ocean Water at Ballona Creek near Marina Del Rey

The Department of Public Health has posted warning signs advising beach visitors, swimmers, and surfers to avoid the ocean water along a two-mile stretch of beach immediately south of Ballona Creek near Marina Del Rey, an area known as “The Strand.” LA County health officials were notified today that the discharge may have entered the area. The advisory is posted as a precautionary measure.

The advisory will be in effect until at least 3 p.m. on Saturday, October 2, pending test results that measure the bacteria level in the ocean water.

LA County Public Health

“We are asking people to avoid entering or swimming in the ocean in the area immediately south of Ballona Creek,” said Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH, Director of Public Health and County Health Officer. “Our first priority is to protect the health and safety of the people who visit the beach and water areas. Once we determine bacteria levels in the water have returned to normal, we will remove the beach advisory.”

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America Online’s “Patch”: Corporate News Comes to Venice

Mega Corporation America Online (AOL) has a new hyper local news effort called “Patch” that started up in Venice this week.

Venice Patch

Patch is headquartered in New York City, and claims “We will look for communities of 15-100k population that are drastically underserved by media and would benefit by having access to local news and information about government, schools and business.” AOL has said it plans to spend $50 million on Patch this year.

AOL / Patch is here simply to try and take money from the local community under the guise of being “for the community”. If you have any doubt about this, take note of the fact that AOL / Patch hired Samantha Page to edit and run their “Venice Patch”. Samantha has never actually lived in Venice (she lives in Hollywood), and only has visited our community. This hiring practice by AOL shows both their ineptitude at understanding what hyper local media is and also their total disregard for the community that is Venice by insulting it so.


AOL further shows contempt for our community values by attempting to create a “local site” as a corporate entity in a town that is proven to dislike corporate chains, of which AOL/ Patch is the largest that has ever attempted to do business here. What is next, a WAL-MART?

If you hold stock in AOL, their inept understanding of hyper-local news should likely make you consider selling it.

Venetians: Local News needs your help! If you support the mega-corporate AOL/ Patch through interviews, writing articles, participation on their site or advertising with them, here are the true local websites that you will be helping AOL/Patch try to put out of business:

Free Venice Beachhead
Venice Paparrazzi
Blogtown by CJ Groner
Abbot Kinney Online
DogTown Ink
Venice Originals
Spirit of Venice
Venice Paper

If you own a local business and want exposure, feel free to email any of the sites above and all of us local news outfits will help you out and give you the exposure you need. If you want to advertise on a local website, don’t support the mega-bankrolled AOL / Patch. They are a gigantic corporation, not locals. Once again, their editor has never even lived in Venice.

YoVenice is a top 25k ranked website in the USA, lots of people read it and we can help you put news about your business out to the community. Content from YoVenice has been picked up by The Huffington Post, Gawker Media, LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, BoingBoing, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News, PBS, Vanity Fair, Sunset Magazine, MetBlogs, LA-ist, Curbed LA and many others that are far too great of a list to name. Contrary to what AOL / Patch would have you believe, Venice is not underserved by media.

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LAPD Seeks Assistance in Violent Attempted Purse Snatching in Venice

Caught on Tape: Violent Attempt Purse Snatch in Venice Area

(Warning: The video contains the graphic attack on the woman.)

The Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Division detectives have released video today of a man wanted in a violent attempt purse snatch robbery on September 19, 2010 in Venice.

The incident happened around 7:45 a.m. when a white van entered the alleyway near Bernard and Rose Avenues. According to investigators, a man got out of the vehicle, approached a lone woman from behind as she walked down the street and attacked her as he tried to grab her purse from under her arm.

The suspect violently threw the victim to the ground and punched her numerous times as she clutched her purse. When the victim refused to let go of her purse, the suspect continued to punch her and dragged her on the sidewalk, then into the street.

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Breaking News! More RV Toxic Sewage Dumping on the Streets of Venice

Another day, another Toxic Waste Dumping by an RV Dweller in Venice! Today, it was at the 200 block of Windward, near Pacific. The LA Sanitation Department is on the scene and has verified the multiple gallons of waste on the street as human waste dumping. The Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) department is on the way with the fun job of cleaning it up!

Windward and Pacific RV

Windward and Pacific RV

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