Great Whale Watching This Year!

We saw over on LAist that this year whale watching is supposedly the best in many years! From Mark Gold’s (president of Heal The Bay) blog:

All in all, we saw about 30 Blue whales and they were all scarfing down krill above the Redondo Submarine Canyon. We were never more than three miles from Redondo Harbor. We saw males racing. We saw about 20 flukes. We saw two Blues feeding on the surface as they swam right at our boat. We even saw two humpbacks and schools of baby mola molas! We were all witnesses! Numerous paddlers floated with a few feet of feeding Blues. I can’t even imagine the emotions they must have felt.

I’ve lived here my entire life. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened in the Bay during my lifetime.

Locally, it looks like Marina Del Rey Sportfishing offers Whale Watching tours. They can be reached at 310-822-3625, but maybe there are more whales down near Redondo?

America’s Next Top Model: Venice Beach

Tonight on the CW, America’s Next Top Model heads to Venice Beach. Pictured below is the house that Top Model was taped in back in May when it was covered in remote cameras and muslin on the windows. As this was the “model house”, there should be a lot of footage taken around Venice in the show.

Readers may remember that it was in front of this house that a homeless man jumped to his death back in June. Not sure if they were still taping then, but production trucks were still there at the time.

America's Next Top Model Venice Beach

Make sure you drop everything you are doing to watch this masterpiece of television programming tonight!

Moonshined Designs from Venice Shines in Europe!

Just in from “an exciting week all around for a little girl sitting on her patio in Venice making things”:

Cate from Venice’s Moonshined Designs was accepted last week by the British Design Embassy as emerging global talent and invited to the London Design Festival next week to meet International Buyers, Designers and Press!

moonshined designs

Cate was also just invited to exhibit at Open Design Italia in Modena, Italy in November. This invitation is pretty incredible for a Venice, CA artist, as Open Design Italia is traditionally only for European designers! Open Design Italia celebrates designers who approach design in new ways and they seek to advance self-produced, limited series designs that are very high quality.

Click here to checkout Moonshined Designs, and here to FaceBook them! All jewelry is handmade using 14, 18 and 20 kt white and yellow gold, gemstones, and found objects. A portion of all proceeds is donated to BCRF (breast cancer research foundation) and Marine Animal Rescue of SoCal.

Venice Art Crawl Guide: 9-16-10

Round two of the Venice Art Crawl will be held tomorrow night. This new monthly event is focused on the area going North from North Venice Blvd along the Boardwalk, Speedway and Pacific Avenues ending at Westminster Avenue. The “Center” of The Venice Art Crawl is Windward Avenue, home of the “Venice” sign and Windward circle.

Venice Art Crawl

If you missed last month’s event, it really is worth checking out! Lots of smiling people checking out some great art! When they put this months map online, we will post it here.

Click “read more” for the complete list of galleries and artists.

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