RV’s Back to Status Quo: More Sewage Dumped in Venice Beach

From Yo! Venice! poster Alex in the forums:

Today I saw the Bureau of Sanitation by the Pacific & Fleet dump area. They flooded the spot where the RV waste was with 200 gallons of fresh water, in order to see how the water flowed and if it impacted Ballona Creek or the ocean via storm drains or just a natural drainage path.

The determination was that the water stood idle with no drainage path ( as the fecal waste did for 6 days ), and they were on to the next stop at Rose & 3rd. Because I knew the location exactly, Mr. Carlson and Mr. Dennis from Sanitation who were extremely nice and knowledgeable followed me to the BioHazard cleanup site.

RV Dumping Venice BEach

As many have reported, and as was expected… the RV’s were back, and again there are gallons of urine and fecal waste in the street. The two gentlemen from the Sanitation dept. gave me some interesting pointers in identifying liquids and their origin. One RV was sitting in what was clear to see as waste dumped from it’s waste tank. Approximately 20 gallons.

RV Dumping Venice BEach

We walked the length of the street, and identified where the storm drains were in the area. The trash, fecal waste, RV’s and homeless were strewn about again, as usual…. with the volumes of urine and feces right back in the street.

RV Dumping Venice BEach

Only a misdemeanor… and after 2 days and 3 square in the pokey – you get to go back home to the beach… only if you are caught of course.

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Bill Rosendahl to Make Human Waste Group

From Councilman Bill Rosendahl:


Councilman wants better coordination of agencies, quicker response, community outreach

In response to three incidents of human waste dumping in Venice in the past week, Councilmember Bill Rosendahl is convening a working group of responsible agencies to prevent or better respond to such criminal threats to public health.

The group, including city and county health and law enforcement authorities, will be charged with developing a better, quicker and more transparent protocol for reporting, responding to, cleaning up, investigating and prosecuting such incidents.

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Spirit of Venice Weighs in on Illegal RV Hazardous Waste Dumping

The “Spirit of Venice” website has weighed in on the recent RV hazardous waste dumping issue. Would anyone care to enlighten us as to exactly who this site is run by and who the members of this “Spirit of Venice” group are?

(The RV on the right is the only place I have seen Venice Action before, as it is painted on the back of this RV.)

Spirit of Venice

From the “are you super crazy or just dangerously unaware spin department” at Spirit of Venice:

Editorial: it’s interesting to note that, according to news reports on this issue, the offender was apprehended but not charged! However, according to eye witnesses at Rose and 3rd Ave. nobody was apprehended and the alleged “dump” mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. Some believe that the RV-haters are responsible for this “false flag” operation in order to aggravate the already tense situation on the streets of Venice. The so-called activist “Dawna” (see article below) is well-known for her vigilante tactics and it appears that Yo!Venice and KFI were willing participants. If it turns out that this was a set-up by the “vigilantes of Venice” then it will be exposed and the haters identified.

Report from the Daily Breeze:
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KTLA on RV’s Dumping Human Waste in Venice

Just noticed that this report from KTLA has come online.

Big ups to Heal the Bay, LAist, KNX, The LA Weekly, The LA Times, KFI and Steve Gregory for their great coverage on this issue also.

Venice needs help, and the only way it seems we will get help is major media shining a light on our community. It makes no sense that Venice, the 2nd largest tourist destination in Southern California, is one of the least looked after by the city of Los Angeles.

Big ups to the LAPD for trying to enforce the existing laws. It is too bad that your “higher ups” in the political world don’t seem to have your backs around here.