Van Fire: Venice Beach

First there was a fire that started in (what we have heard) the dumpster behind AXE on Abbot Kinney today. Now we have word from Yo! Venice! friend Julian B. that a van was also set ablaze in Venice today.

Venice Beach Fire Picts by Julian B

We have no idea if the two were related and no idea if there is any connection to these two fires with the rash of arson fires last month, but we suggest being on alert as the arsonist was never found. Not being alarmist, but safe and alert is always good.

Venice Beach Fire Picts by Julian B

From Julian B.:
Not entirely sure what happened here, but when I drove by on my way home, this minivan had a few flames licking out of it and lots of sooty smoke. A guy was going at it as best he could with a fire extinguisher.

Venice Beach Fire Picts by Julian B

Turns out he was from a building nearby and noticed it and went at it.

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Black Balling at Venice Breakwater?

Frustrated with the recent “black balling” of the Venice Breakwater, a local surfer has voiced his opinion in a press release over at Surfline.



I thought it my duty to at least try and express my displeasure with the recent “BLACK BALLING” of VENICE BREAKWATER to SURFERS at or around noon each day. I hope that I’m not alone, in my complaint, nor off base to voice concern.

It’s absolutely MIND BOGGLING and borderline CRAZY to impose a black ball at one of the few surfing breaks in SOUTH LA for no apparent reason… especially a surf spot and location that has historically been linked with board riding and has REAPED ENORMOUS ECONOMIC GAIN from the tourism and development associated with surfing.

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Fire at Axe Abbot Kinney

There was a fire today at the popular Axe restaurant on Abbot Kinney which started around 2:15pm. Calls to Axe (who are closed on Mondays) and to LAFD Station 63 Venice have gone unanswered so far. From email reports, it seems that the fire was likely located behind the restaurant. Check back for updates!

Thanks to Eric Milo for the pictures!

Axe Fire Abbot Kinney by Eric Milo

Axe Fire Abbot Kinney by Eric Milo

1009 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, CA 90291-3372

LA County Free Summer Concerts

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission, The County of Los Angeles and The Parks After Dark Program have set up a series of 78 free summer concerts around Los Angeles this summer. The concerts are scheduled to run through this October in parks, plazas, libraries and arts centers. You can peep a complete schedule of the concerts online by clicking here.

YoVenice Dulcimer

A sampling of free concerts across the Districts includes:
– Zydeco music from Lisa Haley and the Zydekats at Memorial Park Bandshell in Pasadena August 10
– Mariachi Divas at Cesar Chavez Amphitheater in Baldwin Park August 19
– Music from the cultures of Indonesia by Bali at Rancho Cordillera del Norte in Northridge August 28
– Susie Hansen Latin Jazz Band at Veteran’s Park in Culver City August 29
– Taiko drumming from TAIKOPROJECT in the East Village Arts District in Long Beach October 9

Artists who perform at Free Concerts in Public Sites are chosen by the concert presenters from the Arts Commission’s Musicians Roster featuring more than 100 L.A. County-based groups representing a range of musical styles. This online directory is accessible to the general public by clicking here.

Mr. Beef Venice Beach

Mr. Beef has opened their first location outside of Chicago on Ocean Front Walk across from Muscle Beach.

Mr Beef

From Mr. Beef:
In 1963, Carl Buonovolanto and Tony Ozzauto opened the first Mr. Beef at 666 N. Orleans St. in Chicago’s North Side serving Tony’s mother, Mama Ozzauto’s Italian Beef recipe. Since that time, Chicagoans have embraced their sandwich as its own – and as Philadelphia has become known for its cheese steak – Chicago has become known for it’s Italian Beef! Mr. Beef has proudly played an intricate part in that identity, being voted 4-1 on the Travel Channel’s “Food Wars” for having the best Italian Beef in Chicago (which is to say the U.S.), and gaining national recognition on “The Tonight Show” for being Jay Leno’s favorite sandwich.

Mr. Beef
1809 Ocean Front Walk
Venice Beach California