Yo! Venice! Wants a GoPro Camera

Looking around the net for videos and stories about Venice like we always do we came across a video shot with the GoPro® HD Camera. We got so excited by what we saw (camera gear is like crack for Yo! Venice!) that we joined their affiliate program. That means if you click the links that say GoPro® HD Cameras and buy one, maybe Yo! Venice! will make enough scratch that we can get one too and attach it to all amounts of cool stuff around town and share the videos here. At $270 bucks for an HD camera that is waterproof, it sounds like a good deal. If you buy one and loan it to us we promise to take it to the VNC elections, to workout at YAS while we text (for the YAS thread), the skate park and the breakwater.

Shameless asking you to click and buy stuff time is now over, enjoy the videos!

If you already have one of these send us links to cool stuff you have shot of Venice! Then maybe we don’t need to get one after all. Doubtful, but maybe.

Here is a video by Jacob Janisse skating the Venice Boardwalk:

BOARDWALK AT VENICE from Jacob Janisse on Vimeo.

Here is an official GoPro video with their surfing camera:

GoPro HD HERO camera: The Surf Movie from GoPro on Vimeo.

And one last one is of the Venice Skate Park by You Tube user Greg1inCa:

Dog Licenses in Venice Beach

If you didn’t know, dogs and horses (any equine) are required to be licensed in the City of Los Angeles. Cats are not required to be licensed. As of October I, 2008 all cats and dogs in the City of Los Angeles are required by law to be spayed or neutered unless they meet certain exceptions. If your animal has been spayed or neutered then you can renew your pet license online.


License tags identify owners of lost animals. Each license tag has a unique number assigned to your animal alone. People who find an animal with a tag need only call the telephone number printed on the tag for quick owner identification and reunion with the lost animal. If a licensed animal is lost or taken to a shelter, LA Department of Animal Services can identify the owner by the tag number and contact the registered animal owner. Animals with licensing information are held in the shelters while the owners are contacted.

There is a $15 fee for Dogs. If you are a senior (62+ years of age) there is no fee.

Click here to register you pet

Yo! Venice! Election Day Business Card

Seeing as there may be some pretty “fast and loose” definitions of “Venice Stakeholder” being used during the Venice Neighborhood Council Elections this Sunday, here is your 100% official Yo! Venice! business card to grant you a vote in the VNC elections. If you post in the thread that follows this post, Yo! Venice! will pay you 1 cent USD (one penny, yo!) for that post. This should officially make you an “employee” of Yo! Venice!, a Venice Beach Business, and as such allow you to vote in the VNC elections. Print the business card after your post and you should be good to go.

Yo Venice Business Card

Yo! Venice! will only pay you for ONE post, and not be liable for more than 1 cent USD under work for hire rules or whatever gets us out of all liability. We don’t provide any benefits for your posting here, so don’t get excited about the dental plan. We actually won’t do anything for you or be liable for anything you do as an individual, we will just pay you a penny for posting one post. Pay day will be had at some point down the road, when you see me out and about hit me up for your penny. Continue reading Yo! Venice! Election Day Business Card

VNC Candidate Forum April 8th, 6:30pm

Meet the candidates April 8th, 6:30pm at the Westminster Elementary School on Abbot Kinney. See if some of them will answer your questions before or after the meeting and feel free to video tape it to share here!


Westminster Elementary School Auditorium
1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, California, CA, 90291

C.A.V.E. Gallery Opening 4-2-10 Video

If you missed the C.A.V.E. Gallery opening for “They Moved The Tombstones But Not The Bodies“, Fabio Cunha sent in a video of it. Check the art, check the scene at C.A.V.E. Mike the Poet is at beginning and very end.

C.A.V.E. gallery – Venice, CA – 04.02.10 – art show from Fabio Cunha on Vimeo.

507 Rose Avenue
Venice CA 90291
T 310 450.6960