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Lincoln and Palms Pedestrian Cross Walk Warning

January 28th, 2010 by Bret · 1 Comment

December 29th a woman pedestrian was killed at the intersection of Palms and Lincoln. Not willing to wait on the red tape of the city to install lights, some industrious Venecian has taken to warning pedestrians their own way.

The crosswalk at Palms and Lincoln now reads “PEOPLE DIE HERE”, “PELIGRO DE MUERTE”.

Lincoln and Palms Venice Beach

If you would like to help make this crosswalk a safe place, please do as suggested in the Yo! Venice! forums and “take a moment to email the following people. Use the subject line “Crosswalk Lincoln Blvd/Palms Blvd”

Venice Neighborhood Council
Bill Rosendahl
District Director
Yunus Ghausi of CalTrans
Mohammad Blorfloshan

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