Topless Protest on Venice Beach – pics!

National Go-Topless Day for gender equality was in full swing at Venice Beach today – the parade of breastables started at Navy and made its way down to Windward.   We had suspicions that it was going to be 2 topless chicks and 3000 men with cameras.  It actually was quite a large group of supportive men and brave women sunning their melons…and yes about 3000 men with cameras.   Sadly, all nubbins had to be hidden by nubbin-shaped pasties.  We’re not sure what that accomplished – you can’t see a nipple but you can see a sticker of a nipple covering a nipple? The law is the law though – and the police were on hand to make sure no glass-cutters saw the light of day.

National Go Topless Day08232008 (27).jpg

Here are some photos – more on our Flickr !  Check back here later for more pics and post-event coverage – including pics of Keri getting interviewed by a Playboy.  Was she fully shirted or pastie-enabled?  You’ll just have to wait and see…

National Go Topless Day08232008.jpg