Venice Pier Surf Report – 9/26/07

Clear. Sunny. Warm. Decent Venice shape.


About 2 – 4 footers with racy shoulders.


Only about 6 guys out at the pier…looked like a zoo at Breakwater though.

Just back from a quick five-day trip to Cabo. Great surf. Warm water with some decent swell. Apparently, I missed the first significant rain of the season over the weekend, and there was some seriously nasty run off. Mike over at Swell Magnet shot some video of Ballona Creek right after the rain. Disgusting. They say you should wait 72 hours before going in the water after it rains. In this case, it looks more like three months rather than three days. Glad I missed it!

I think I’ll go for a walk outside, now…

(Do you know what song that’s from?)

Walk Street Circle

When friends or family visit Venice for the first time, they always want to go walk on the boardwalk – see all the street performers, muscle beach, shop for souvenirs, etc…

Well once that obligatory sight-seeing excursion is out of the way, I like to take them on a walk through some of the wonderful walk-streets we have. And if they are quiet and respectful of others’ privacy, I like to take them to walk along the canals.

Walks like these are a reminder of why I love Venice so much and what visitors may not know: there is more to Venice than the beach and AKB. The beauty of the old craftsman bungalows, gardens overflowing with princess flowers, fountain grasses, and bougainvillea, new modern homes with clean lines and zen gardens, the terra cotta roof of the occasional spanish bungalow – I love the variety of design and the care taken to make the homes appear both seducingly private and deliciously inviting.

These photos are from a recent walk I took…

walk street gate
I love coming across random items of interest like these.

walk street bamboo forest
If you stand quietly near an old batch of thick bamboo, you hear them creaking in the wind. I love that.

Walk street landscapingSo pretty.

Walk street potted plants

Unsure about where these treasure streets are? Here’s a map. And again – respecting the privacy of our neighbors is appreciated.

walking map