Crazy RV sighting on Milwood and Abbot Kinney

Crazy RV in Venice

Crazy RV in Venice

I think more RVs in Venice need to have this kind of flair! Pretty cool!

Bret and I see crazy cars all the time around here – but this one is my favorites so far! Well, we do keep spotting that awesome green convertible smart car, but she whizzes by so fast, we can never get a good pic of her car. It’s one of the Europe-only models, so we are quite intrigued.

Girl in the green smart car, if you are reading this: slow down when you drive past The Otheroom! We love your car!)


Bicycles in Venice

If you live in Venice, you bicycle a lot. Who you are is reflected a lot in your choice of bicycle, and weekends are when many strut their bicycle stuff on the beach. From great Monarks and Wingbars to classic Mongoose, Redlines and Gary LittleJohn sidehacks … Venice is the place in L.A. for bicycle enthusiasts to show off. Here are a few pictures from last week that we took of some random bicycles on display.  

What this is … is anyones guess … but it sure must have taken many hours to build!

bicycle in venice beach california

This guy was rocking a bottle of wine in that cooler bag … self sufficient style!

bicycle in venice beach californiabicycle in venice beach californiabicycle in venice beach california