∞ Infinity Wireless ∞

Ok, I know that it isn’t in Venice, it is in Santa Monica on Main street … but the guys at Infinity Wireless are the best celphone guys around. After years of standing in line at the big cel company over on Wilshire, I was hipped by friends to Infinity Wireless. My cel phone consumer life has never been easier nor happier. Any questions or problems are solved within minutes, and all of the guys that work there are friendly and wickedly knowledgeable when it comes to my blackberry pearl issues. Thanks to John David and all the guys for making a pain so painless!Infinity Wireless 310.452.99352914 Main Street. Santa Monica, California. 90405 

Infinity Wireless Santa Monica California

John supposedly plays a mean game of tennis, from what his friend Molly says!

Infinity Wireless Santa Monica California

– Bret

Sharon Jacobucci

I met Sharon Jacobucci years ago when she “gave me her autograph”, as she likes to say. Sharon is never seen around Venice without a big smile on her face and a friendly wave hello to all. A fond memory I have of Sharon was when some parking challenged Scottish friends of mine (ripe from finishing the Gumball3000 2006 in which they started driving in London … drove thru Vienna and Budapest to Belgrade … put the car on a plane to Phuket and drove to Bangkok … put the car back on a plane and then flew to Salt Lake City, where they then drove to Las Vegas and finished in Venice … all in 8 days!) parked in the red zone in front of Mercedes Grill where we were eating. Sharon, eyeballing the car while we jumped up to move it … said “now WHAT do you want me to do with THAT?” A right hand drive car currently registered in Scotland? Sharon has seen it all by this point! The Scotts shared some laughs and pictures with their new pal Sharon and moved the car to a sensible place.Tango in Venice Here is Sharon and Tangospeed‘s driver Sten in 2006. Sharon Jacobucci and Tangospeed's StenWhile walking to lunch the other day, Keri and I stopped to say hello to Sharon while she was on her lunch break. Keri took the opportunity to break out her digicam for an impromptu interview of Sharon about the various famous and infamous folk that she has “given her autograph to” in her twenty years of working in Venice. Thanks for being YoVenice!’s first interview, Sharon!

– Bret

New Thai Massage Place on Abbot Kinney

Thai Massage on Abbot Kinney

Yesterday, I had a fantastic massage at Lamai Thai Massage – which opened on Abbot Kinney recently – on the corner of Andalusia and Abbot Kinney (where Moulin Rouge lingerie used to be.) Part therapeutic, part Cirque du Soleil, it was one of the best massages I’ve had in quite some time!

Why is Thai massage different than Swedish? In my opinion:

  • It’s not relaxing.
  • It’s perfect if you have knots or sore muscles that need some real work.
  • You wear a little outfit they provide* because…
  • The massage therapists walk on you, stand on you, kneel on you, stretch you.
  • Afterwards, you feel energized and stretched – with noticably less muscle tension and knots.

    Don’t be put off by the fact that you and other clients are all in the same room, separated by curtains for privacy – you are clothed during the massage and it’s so quiet, you’d think you were the only client there. The facilities are very clean, the therapists were great, and at $40/hour, the prices are extremely reasonable. (note: they accept only cash!)

    Lamai Thai Massage is located at 1326 Abbot Kinney Blvd. 310.399.7953


    *the pants are not draw-string. The strings go in the back and wrap around your waist. I wasn’t the only confused person there!